Analytics of the Russian IT-market from ITResearch

Selection of articles: notebooks, monitors, projectors.
14 jule 2017


The projector market is growing faster than expected

According to the analytical company ITResearch, the Russian market of projectors sold about 6.3 thousand devices for a total of $5.7 million. Compared to April 2017, the market grew by 19% returning to the levels attained in March. The annual dynamics of the market was even more spectacular, with an increase in sales volume by 25%. These results appeared to be higher than the predictions: analysts expected only a moderate growth.

In May the notebook market ignored the seasonal factor

According to the analytical company ITResearch, in May 2017 the Russian notebook market showed an unexpectedly fast growth. The sales volumes of mobile computers in May surpassed the April figures, which contradicts the traditional seasonal rise-and-decline principle according to which May is to be the lowest point of the spring decline. In addition to that, the annual rates of growth were very high, amounting to an outstanding figure of 39%. The share of standard notebooks grew radically compared to reasonably priced computers. Their aggregate contribution to sales exceeded 60% in kind.

The monitor market continues to grow rapidly

According to the analytical company ITResearch, in May 2017 the Russian market sold 208 thousand monitors for the total of $34 million. In annual terms, the market grew approximately by 42%, which is higher than the April levels and is comparable to the outstanding March figures.