Results of the Summer 2014 MSS Club Session

CEOs of enterprise equipment and system integration suppliers took part in outreach conferences.
09 july 2014

Summer MSS Club 2014 Sessions are over. They are a series of events to promote MERLION as a value-added distributor of leading IT brands in the domestic corporate sector and to announce MERLION’s program of activities. During the events, the vision of the enterprise equipment market perspective was shared by leading experts of IT companies – both the companies that have long collaborated with MERLION and the companies that have been recently entered into a distribution agreement.

The first of the two scheduled summer events was held in Yekaterinburg. It was supported by such IT companies as Acer, APC by Schneider Electric, Dell, HikVision, Hitachi, HP, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo and LG.

MSS Club 2014

As an entertainment part of the event, all MSS Club 2014 guests had the opportunity to ride quads, play bowling and paintball and enjoy a barbecue. All participants joined a lovely horse ride through the woods. A gala dinner became a perfect ending to the event.

MSS Club 2014

In Kazan, the outreach event was held on June 19 to 21. All MSS Club 2014 participants were invited to join one of the most aristocratic games, golf, and everyone had the opportunity to shoot skeet.

MSS Club 2014

As a formal part of the outreach program, the leading specialists of OCZ, LG, Lenovo, HikVision, Fluke Networks, Brother, Dell, HP, Acer and APC by Schneider Electric expressed their views on the development of enterprise market equipment and presented a new line of products and affiliate programs.

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