Road Show MERLION in Novosibirsk
On October 26 - 27, in Novosibirsk the companies CANON, Creative, NEC, Proview – the world leaders of IT-technologies - with support of the company MERLION held a workshop for IT-specialists, managers of computer companies and retailer stores of Siberia. 75 representatives from 53 companies of the region took part in a workshop.
Results of the competition “Find Agent Ruby”
ATI and MERLION summed up the results of the competition “Find Agent Ruby” dedicated to the best organization of the display in a retailer store. An absolute winner is the net of computer stores “Babylon” from Chita.
MERLION goes to the corporate market with Dell products
The second authorization of Russian business partners of Dell took place on the 20th of October. 47 Moscow and regional computer companies received the status of “MERLION’s business partner on Dell products”. A Department of corporate distribution has been organized within the company MERLION in order to enable more active promotion of Dell equipment to the corporate market.
Technologies of DVD future on the MERLION stand
The MERLION company has taken part in the “DVD Show 2004. Future Technology” exhibition. At MERLION’s DVD drawing-room, a full assortment of Digitex, Imation, Philips, TDK, Verbatim data carriers, as well as new accessories from the manufacturers, was presented.
Project "Business for school"
The company MERLION supported the initiative of Microsoft corporation "New life of a computer" and within the frameworks of the program handed over 15 PC to Moscow school № 101 for deaf children.
Acorp and MERLION: 10 Years Together. New products, New Horizons of Cooperation
MERLION Co. Made a Presentation of New Acorp Modems and Summarized 10 Years of Cooperation.
ASUSTeK and MERLION have found true treasures
The companies ASUSTeK and MERLION have summed up the “Searching for the true ASUSTeK treasures” marketing program and drew the main prize, - a C-class Mercedes Benz. As a result of the action, 100 dealers from Moscow and the regions obtained the status of ASUSTeK’s authorized partners.
In Krasnodar and Stavropol out seminars have been held on new Canon, EPoX, Philips, and Powercom products
On the 27th and 28th of July, the Canon, EPoX, Philips and Powercom companies, with support of the MERLION company, held out seminars for IT specialists, IT companies’ representatives and retail stores managers.
A road show in Nizhniy Novgorod
On the 13th and 14th of July, the CANON, NIKON, PHILIPS, and POWERCOM companies, with support of the MERLION company, took up out seminars on new products for specialists at IT companies and consultant managers at Nizhniy Novgorod retail stores.
Results of the competition for the best decoration of the “Your world in NVIDIA colors” store
The competition for the best decoration of the “Your world in NVIDIA colors” retail store has ended. The winner of the action is “Uliss Computers LTD” from the town of Seversk. The competition took place with support of the MERLION company.
Sport and Business! Rugby and MERLION
On June 19-20, Moscow welcomed the European Rugby 7 Series Tour, which happened to be the first event of its kind in the Russian rugby history and part of the 2005 World Cup Qualification. The Tour was held under the auspices of the European Rugby Association (FIRA-AER). Lord Frederic Windsor, he of the English royal family, kindly attended the competitions. The Russian team, sponsored by MERLION, was among the prize-winners.
The ocean of high-tech at MERLION Dealer’s Conference
Traditional Spring conference of best MERLION dealers More IT was held on April 23-25. The conference gathered 14 world-class manufacturers of IT products and 140 Moscow-based and regional dealers of PC equipment and components.
Authorization of Dell Business Partners
The first in Russia authorization of Dell business partners was held on April 7. 41 MERLION partners from Russia and CIS countries became authorized Dell dealers.
MERLION’s First Press Conference
LC-group - the leading distributor of computer equipment on the Russian market - and its four subsidiaries Citilink, Elsie, Lizard and Denikin have announced the new corporate name - MERLION.

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