Results of «Find Agent Ruby» Competiti
On December 3, in Moscow, in the entertainment center “Metelitsa”, the final of the all-Russian photographic competition “Find Agent Ruby” took place. The winner is Mlynchak Kristina, Barnaul. And she will set out on her journey to Canada to Niagara Falls and visit ATI Head Office in Toronto.
EPoX and MERLION Announced the Results of the Planet EPoX Marketing Programme
November 23, 2005 the EPoX Computer Company and MERLION summed up the joint Planet EPoX marketing programme. Its seventy six finalists got a chance to win the first prize – the two MAZDA 6 cars.
Partnership and Openness the Principles of MERLION Cooperation with Its Dealers
The eighth dealer conference called ‘The MERLION Olympic Games 2005’ was held October 2-5 in Malta. The conference was supported by ATI, Hewlett-Packard and LG Electronics companies.
On October 2 the MERLION Company, a leading distributor of computer and digital equipment, lit a bright flame of the MERLION Olympics 2005 dealer conference in Malta.
Road Show - Samara 2005
Samara, On July 19 Canon, EPoX, Hewlett-Packard, Jetbalance and OKLICK with the assistance of MERLION held road shows. 54 representatives from 24 companies of the Povolzhsky federal district took part in seminars and trainings.
MERLION’s road show in Tatarstan
Kazan, on June 28 the companies Dell, Epson, Jetbalance, Konica-Minolta, OKLICK, POWERCOM presented new products for IT-specialists of Tatarstan Republic. The road show was organized by the company MERLION.
Computer Road Show in Perm and Izhevsk
On June 7 in Perm and on June 9 in Izhevsk the companies Canon, Western Digital, JetBalance, IPPON held trainings for IT-specialists, marketing managers, managers of computer companies and retail shops.
VII MERLION Conference of IT Industry’s Best Players
MERLION Spring Dealer Academy invited to the Moscow region the Company’s 140 best partners and leading manufacturers of computer hardware and digital consumer devices.
Road-show in Voronezh
On April, 19 in Voronezh in the entertainment center “Parnas” the companies Canon, EPoX, Philips, LG held trainings for IT- specialists. More than 90 representatives of 56 companies from the Voronezh region and nearby areas took part in the action. MERLION was the organizer of the road-show.

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