New Year Party of HP and MERLION: chic, magnificence, beautiful!
The New Year’s Eve is not only good festive mood but it is also time to sum up the results of the year. On December 10 HP and MERLION summed up the results of the year in the atmosphere of French chick and cabaret. More than 50 MERLION partners visited the event and spent a wonderful evening in the company of their IT business colleagues.
Intel and MERLION: amicable meeting
On November 13 this year Intel training seminar for MERLION partners took place in Moscow, in the tasting room of DESSIDANT wine cellar.
Business before karaoke
At the end of October of this year MERLION held a seminar devoted to HP data storage systems. More than 40 partners took part in the karaoke party which was organized in honour of them by MERLION and HP.
IT forum “MERLION Road Map” in Krasnodar
On October 15 this year the field conference “MERLION Road Map” took place in Krasnodar. 40 representatives of the largest IT companies of Krasnodar Territory visited the event and obtained the most actual information on the condition and development of the IT market of Russia.
“MERLION Road Map” in Bashkortostan
In the beginning of October of this year in Ufa the meeting of MERLION partners within the framework of “MERLION Road Map” took place. More than 50 representatives of leading computer companies of the region visited the forum and obtained the most actual information on new interesting products of world suppliers of computer equipment – such companies as GIGABYTE, HP, Microsoft, Samsung and Western Digital.
Annual field conference MERLION Business Channel in the Baltics
At the end of September of this year the annual field conference of MERLION Business Channel took place in one the most beautiful cities of the Baltics – Riga. More than 80 partners from 49 cities of the Russian Federation visited MERLION forum.
Intel representatives recounted their company’s plans with partners of MERLION
In the middle of September MERLION conducted individual meetings for its partners with representatives of the world manufacturer of computer components Intel.
MERLION and D-link: Barge haulers on the Volga
On 5th and 6th September took place an interesting voyage “Upstream together with D-link” along the great Russian river Volga for winners of MERLION and D-link marketing program.
“MERLION Road Map” in Tatarstan
On 3rd September 2009 a meeting of MERLION partners was held in Kazan as part of the conference “MERLION Road Map”. More than 50 representatives of the largest IT-companies in the region attended the event.
MERLION Business Channel in Zavidovo
At the end of July of this year MERLION conducted the latest forum MERLION Business Channel for partners in the Central Federal District. About 100 representative of the largest computer companies from the region attended the event.
Siberian conference of MERLION Business Channel
26th June 2009, Irkutsk, Park hotel “Burduguz”.
Yekaterinburg hosts MERLION Business Channel
MERLION Business Channel arranges off-site IT forum for his Urals Federal District partners in May this year.
Dell and AMD Corporate Solutions Workshop
At the end of April, 2009 Kursk became a place of Dell and AMD Corporate Solutions Workshop, organized by MERLION Projects, AMD, Dell, and Centaur Company (Kursk).
Dell 11G new generation servers is presented in MERLION
On April 28 MERLION distribution company along with Dell, Intel and Microsoft global manufacturers of computers, software and components conducted a technical workshop for its partners.
MERLION Business Channel-2009 in Rostov-on-Don: a New Season Launched!
On February 19, 2009, in Rostov-on-Don, the conference of MERLION Business Channel was held, which gathered together partners of the Southern Federal district, heads of MERLION and major worldwide computer equipment vendors.

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