MERLION CUP'2010: We Are the Champions!
The long-awaited super final of the All Russian Bowling Championship among partners of MERLION CUP'2010 was held on November 12, 2010. Seven teams from Voronezh, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Ufa fought for the title of champion. The Championship Final was held with the support of leading world suppliers of computer equipment like AMD, DELL, HP, Kingston, Lenovo, LG and Microsoft.
MERLION CUP'2010 in St. Petersburg. Nowhere to retreat: Moscow is ahead!
At the end of October the concluding regional preliminary round of the All Russian Bowling Championship among partners of MERLION CUP'2010 was held. The event in St.Petersburg was held under the banner of the LG company. Now the participants of the tournament are waiting for the long-awaited final in Moscow.
MERLION Business Channel 2010: the closing forum took place in Novosibirsk this year
This year the closing forum MERLION Business Channel gathered MERLION’s partners from Siberian Federal District in Novosibirsk.
IT-companies of Voronezh showed high class at the MERLION CUP'2010 tournament
In the middle of September, in Voronezh, the 6-th qualifying round of the All-Russian bowling championship among partners of MERLION CUP'2010 has successfully finished. The event was supported by HP.
The fifth field meeting of “POSITRONICA” Club took place near St.Petersburg
The most significant field meeting of “POSITRONICA” Club joined the top managers of the Management company, business owners, partners and representatives of vendors.
HP and MERLION: server invasion goes on
This spring and summer MERLION and HP held a number of technical seminars for MERLION company partners in Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Irkutsk. Within the framework of these seminars the partners got familiarized with HP products and technologies for virtual infrastructure building.
Poplar fluff, heat, July: the summer forum in Zavidovo
In the beginning of July, 2010 an annual conference MERLION Business Channel was held in Zavidovo that united in a round-table discussion Moscow partners and partners from the Central and North-Western federal districts. The productive schedule of the conference was combined with open-air walks around the picturesque localities near Moscow.
The bowling championship MERLION CUP’ 2010: the preliminary round in Ufa
On the 1st of July, this year the next stage of competitions within the framework of the bowling championship MERLION CUP’2010 was held in the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The best sportsmen, representing the computer companies of the region, competed for getting into the final of the prestigious contest.
A sailing regatta of Seagate and MERLION
On June 17 this year, a sailing regatta of Seagate and MERLION teams took place in one of the largest Moscow-region suburban sailing clubs, “Elite Crows.” MERLION partners and representatives of Seagate have come together in a picturesque nook of the Moscow region and tried their hands at sailing.
Feedback from the partners: the regional forum MERLION Business Channel in Irkutsk
In the middle of June this year a field regional forum MERLION Business Channel for the core partners of the region took place in Irkutsk. The aims and objectives of the conference in Irkutsk are the dialogue with partners and the discussion of the urgent issues of business cooperation.
Kazan is under the flag of MERLION: the regional MBC forum in Tatarstan
At the end of May this year the MERLION Business Channel visiting forum has been held for the partners of Volga federal district in the capital of Tatarstan. For the purpose of event the key partners of the company, the representatives of world manufacturers of computer equipment and the heads of MERLION met for the discussion of the current working matters and the exchange of experience.
MERLION formula: the best from the best
On the 15th of April this year in carting club “Ten inches” there were held individual races under the flags of MERLION and AMD. Adrenalin, drive, the spirit of sports contests - those are the main components of the success of any competition.
MERLION Cup in Nizhniy Novgorod: new finalists!
On the 15th of April this year in Nizhniy Novgorod there was held a third regional eliminating round of All-Russia Bowling Championship among partners, MERLION CUP'2010. The General sponsor of this stage was Microsoft Company.
High techs: MBC forum in Yekaterinburg
In the beginning of spring in Yekaterinburg there was held a regional forum MERLION Business Channel. Under the flag of MERLION there were gathered more than 65 partners, representatives of the largest computer appliances suppliers and MERLION Company’s leaders. The most timely novelties, interesting speeches and analysis of the situation in the Russian computer market were presented only to the attention of MERLION partners from the Urals.
Intel and MERLION: friendly bowling tournament
On the 18th of March this year in the atmosphere of real sporting excitement in Moscow bowling club “Be-ba-bo” there was held a friendly bowling tournament for partners of MERLION. Intel Company was the general sponsor of the event.
MERLION CUP’2010: First All-Russia Bowling Championship started in Krasnodar
New format of meetings of the leading Russian distributor, MERLION Company, started on the 12th of March in Krasnodar.
MBC in Rostov-on-Don: new perspectives, new tasks and new solutions
On the 11th of March this year in Rostov on the Don there was held first in 2010 forum MERLION Business Channel in a renewed format. More than 100 partners of MERLION took part in the conference, representatives of the world largest manufacturers of computer equipment and leaders of MERLION Company.

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