MERLION dipped back into the future
In the year of its 20th anniversary, MERLION launched a new format of the annual December meetings with its partners and vendors, and established the “Golden Merlioner” award.
«The MERLION IT-school» closed the season of 2012. The new season and new meetings lie ahead
As a part of the autumn session the meetings of the IT school took place in Tver, Krasnodar, Astrakhan and Omsk.
The MERLION company continues the work of the IT school
The summer meeting session took place in Kursk, Tyumen and Saratov.
The end of MERLION Business Channel`2012: Saint Petersburg
The series of the regional partnership meetings MERLION Business Channel`2012 ended in the northern capital.
MERLION IT-school: the results of spring session
Sessions of IT-school were held in Perm, Irkutsk and Barnaul. Two more sessions (summer and autumn) and seven cities will be next.
MERLION Business Channel 2012: Krasnoyarsk
Krasnoyarsk became the fifth city in the geographical collection of MERLION Business Channel 2012.
MERLION Business Channel` 2012 in Hong Kong: count on mutually beneficial cooperation
The sixth annual meeting of MERLION with its key partners was held in Hong Kong.
MERLION Business Channel`2012: Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk has become the fourth point on the map of the MERLION Business Channel partner meetings.
Soft Club`2012: special seminars on software. For system integrators.
According to its strategy of VAD distribution, MERLION launched a number of learning seminars devoted to software. The goal of these seminars is to increase the competence of the partners which work on software market and to provide them with additional opportunities for development of their software business.
NetClub MERLION: special seminars for systems integrators
According to its strategy of VAD distribution, MERLION launched a number of training seminars devoted to network and infrastructure equipment. The goal of these seminars is to increase the competence of systems integrators and to expand the range of the equipment they work with.
MERLION Business Channel`2012: Samara
After Rostov-on-Don and Yekaterinburg MERLION Business Channel has come to Samara.
MERLION Business Channel`2012: Yekaterinburg
Having started in Rostov-on-Don MERLION Business Channel has come to Yekaterinburg.
Only mountains with MERLION are better than simply mountains
Guided by this motto, MERLION decided to offer its most active partners to conquer mountains in France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy at internationally reputed ski resorts as part of the project "MERLION travel club".
MERLION invites its partners to become students again
“MERLION’s IT School” is a series of partner conferences that will take place in 10 Russian cities in 2012.
Extreme Weekend with МERLION and D-Link: Direct Injection of Adrenaline!
MERLION and D-Link continues to please their partners with outdoor events. So this time, the organizers invited colleagues to distract from the office routine and bustle of the city in the snow Greater Moscow Area.
Partners decided to take a trip around Africa
Winners of ASUS Partner Program have taken an exciting trip to South African countries.
Culinary lessons with MERLION
Traditionally, on the eve of March 8th, MERLION organized a bright event within the framework of the annual “Ladies’ IT Club”. This time, the ladies were offered a gastronomic evening in the studio of Yulia Vysotskaya.
MERLION Business Channel 2012
The season of partner meetings is open.
Business barbecue from "Symantec Winter Club" and MERLION
An annual winter event "Symantec Winter Club" was held in one of the best sports and entertainment parks of Moscow Region.

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