MERLION named as new AOC Distributor at the Russian market

AOC is proud to announce the signing of a new distribution contract. We warmly welcome the company Merlion as our new partner in Russia.
07 may 2008

Компания AOC International GmbH MERLION is the largest IT Company in Russia with more than 10 years expertise in the broad line distribution market. Lately MERLION has been awarded the “Best IT Distributor 2007” resulting form a poll held by CRN/RE during the 10th Anniversary IT Forum.

AOC will benefit of the large network of dealers throughout Russia as well as the connection to countrywide retailers MERLION has. For MERLION, AOC is a perfect supplementary product to top off the portfolio of LC-displays and LCD TV and become even more attractive for their channels.

Both, MERLION and AOC are sure that the win-win situation of the cooperation will lead to a mutual satisfactory business relationship and improve the standing of AOC brand on the russian market significantly.

Together with our two strong partners, the company Marvel and the company MERLION, AOC will be strongly represented in the Russian market.

AOC International (Europe) GmbH, located in Berlin, is a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited, currently the world’s largest manufacturer of computer monitors and LCD screens. The product array features more than 100 different CRT and LCD devices. AOC International (Europe) has more than 70 distributors selling monitors in 20 different countries. TPV is listed on the stock exchange and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Shares are traded in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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