MERLION Projects has carried out deliveries of computer equipment for schools of the North Ossetia

More than 50 schools of the North Ossetia have begun academic year with new computer classes, interactive boards, multimedia projectors and other equipment put by company MERLION Projects.
19 september 2008

MERLION Projects, the system integrator specializing on introduction of infrastructural IT-solutions, has carried out delivery of the computer equipment for schools of the North Ossetia. Now successful development of the educational program will be promoted by 720 brand new computers with HP monitors, 100 laptops Samsung, 100 interactive boards SMART Board, 100 projectors NEC, and also printers Epson, flash-disks Kingston for storage of the information and work with it out of school. And also the active and passive equipment for creation and modernization school locally-computer networks.

The delivery total sum has made more than 40 million rubles. Eqipment delivery was made on the basis of a victory in the tender on July, 14th, 2008. The Republic North Ossetia Ministry of Education and Science – Alanija became the customer of the equipment.

During the current year company MERLION Projects has carried out deliveries of the hi-tech equipment to many Russian educational institutions. Among them: the Ministry of Education of Stavropol Territory, Karachaevo-Circassian the state technological academy, the Moscow institute of a steel and alloys, the Russian academy of public service at the President of the Russian Federation, the Moscow state university of M.V.Lomonosov, the Moscow school of management “Skolkovo” and many other. At the future MERLION Projects is also planned expansion of cooperation with educational institutions of Russia.

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