“Computer Clinics Network” Continues Its Active Development

Eight new representative offices were at once added to MERLION service project ‘Computer Clinics Network”. New clinics were opened in Omsk, Liski, Tyumen, Frolovo, Cheboksary, Chelyabinsk, Shadrinsk, Uchaly. Total amount of clinics reached 52.
13 february 2009

Many experts note than exactly now, in difficult economic conditions, for many Russians it is more important to have quality service support of the existing equipment than various proposals to acquire new computer products. No doubt, such trend concerns not only Moscow market but regions as well and, probably, to a greater degree.

At the beginning of 2009, the seventh clinic was opened in the Urals Federal District. The same successful development is demonstrated by the Republic of Chuvashia, Tyumen and Volgograd region, in each of which the third clinic was opened. And initial computer clinics were opened in Chelyabinsk and the Republic of Bashkortostan. Their heads comment on this event below:

Dmitry Igorevich Abdrakhmanov, head of computer clinic in Uchaly, the Republic of Bashkortostan: “Until recent time, in Uchaly there was no authorized service centres, which was very inconvenient for consumers and sellers of computer and office equipment. In case of a guarantee case, the former had to independently address servicing centers, the nearest of which was located in Magnitogorsk, 100 km away, or address suppliers directly. Suppliers, in their turn, experienced losses in the form of transportation costs, and guarantee repair term was prolonged for the time required to deliver the equipment to the servicing center and back. As our company is one of the leading suppliers of computer equipment in Uchaly, due to reasons mentioned above, as well as on the basis of evident need of the population in qualified repair of equipment, resolution on organization of a servicing center has been taken. “Computer Clinics Network” at once drew our attention with its new approach to organization of service and repair of equipment, opportunity of professional growth of engineers and simply by its beauty”.

Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Mironovsky, head of computer clinic in Chelyabinsk: “Having commenced work under the brand of “Computer Clinics Network”, we, undoubtedly, will support initially established high level of servicing, forming positive public opinion of the quality and level of service, as well as favorable conditions for opening one more clinic in Chelyabinsk or in nearest towns of our district”.

Today, over 400 qualified engineers work in the “Computer Clinics Network”. All of them are glad to offer quality diagnostics and repair of desktops, laptops, palmtops, printers and digital equipment.
As of today, the project covers all federal districts of the Russian Federation, except for Far East District, however, in the nearest future clinics in this federal district will be opened as well.

Clinics implement both guarantee and non-guarantee repairs of equipment.

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