MERLION Company talking about its corporate portal

MERLION Company, the leader of Russian IT-distribution, has taken part in the annual exhibition/conference on electronic learning «eLearnExpo 2009».
24 june 2009

eLearnExpo is the largest international event in the sphere of electronic learning and knowledge management. The goal of this event is to help participants get information on the most up-to-date learning technologies using information-communicative technologies.

This year MERLION Company was a participant of the event and in the framework of the conference introduced its experience in using information-communicative technologies in management – the corporate portal as a single platform for communications and interaction of the personnel, and also a tool for new e-learning technologies.

The audience was especially interested in the complexity of the solution – the technical capabilities of the portal are actively used by managers of the company for solving not only intra-corporate tasks, but also different business ones. Practical tools for staff training and competence levels management, internal communications, social programs, internal actions and events were introduced in presentation.

The electronic learning system of MERLION is used for training of different categories of employees – from newcomers to key business subdivisions staff. The thmes of electronic learning cover both product learning and getting manager skills. In total, the company employees have successfully completed more than 5 thousand courses in the e-learning system.

The portal and the electronic learning system are supported by a team of managers and technical experts. The portal and the e-learning system usage efficiency, including the economic and organizational efficiency, the quantity indexes of attendance, the system operation are being constantly monitored and analyzed. The internal infrastructure of MERLION combines stability and development in line with constant changes at the market. The company’s streamlined processes for the implementation and support of the portal system and electronic learning management allow MERLION to use up-to-date technologies to increase business efficiency.

As the leader in its sphere, MERLION aims at strengthening its positions at the market by providing relevant and really needed services to its partners. One of these services will be the training, which is now also  available also in remote format.

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