MERLION in ratings of the leading business periodicals

“Forbes”, “Finans.”, “Sekret Firmy”, “Expert”. Among IT companies MERLION has been keeping leading positions far not for the first year.
30 october 2009

Leading business periodicals published ratings of companies according to the results of 2008. Among few Russian IT companies-participants of ratings MERLION is still keeping leading positions.


In “Forbes” rating “200 largest non-public companies” MERLION occupies 31st place.

“Forbes” rating included companies shares of which may not be purchased at the stock exchange. The companies are ranged with respect to revenues obtained in 2008. The grounds for evaluation are the data officially presented by the companies to “Forbes”. Each company-participant of the rating was covered by a small article.

“Forbes” about MERLION: “The company named after the sea lion, the symbol of Singapore, is the largest Russian distributor of computer equipment and accessories. It wants to be the leader in retail too – for three years already it has been developing its own store network (note POSITRONICA). The first stores were opened by the Company in regions where competition is lower. Last year it obtained an opportunity to enter Moscow market <…>. Now MERLION has its own Computer Discounter in the capital - CITILINK”. Read more about the details in “Forbes” (No. 10, October 2009).


In “Finans.” rating “500 largest companies of Russia” MERLION occupies 91st place. Principle ranging indicator of the rating is the income – the most efficient indicator of the company’s business scale. Read more about the details in “Finans.” (No. 35, 28.09-04.10.2009).

Sekret Firmy

In “Sekret Firmy” rating «TOP-300 of the most dynamic companies of Russia” MERLION is on the 156th place. The objects of the rating’s research became companies occupying leading positions in their sectors. The ranging was performed on the basis of the average annual income growth rate which was calculated as an average compound value of growth indexes for separate years. Read more about the details in “Sekret Firmy” (No. 10, October 2009).


In “Expert” rating “Expert 400” MERLION occupies 82nd line of the rating. The largest Russian companies are ranked here. The place of the Company in the rating was determined by means of ranging with respect to the sales volume (of works, services) in 2008. Read more about the details in “Expert” (No. 38, October 5, 2009).

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