Analysis of Russia’s IT market from ITResearch

Selection of articles: monitors, laptops, projectors.
20 december 2016


The market of projectors rises unexpectedly

According to the ITResearch analysts, in November of 2016, the Russian market of projectors enjoyed the sales of about 11.8 thousand units worth 11.7 million USD. Compared to October, the market showed a stunning growth, which exceeded 50%. On a year-on-year basis, a considerable growth (by more than 13%) was also recorded. The growth occurred due to a number of tenders, which were finally held by the end of the year, though that was something almost everyone had ceased to hope for. Among other driving factors, analysts also cite a surge in sales of expensive installation projectors, which pushed the overall weighted-average price up significantly.

November saw the laptop market grow considerably

According to the ITResearch analysts, in November of 2016, Russia’s laptop market grew considerably, both from the figure of this year’s October, and compared to the same period of last year. The sales amounted to 353 thousand units. The year-on-year dynamics was nearly as high as 13%, which is the best result since February. Analysts point out a clear growth of sales of popular cheaper models, which is quite understandable in the view of the approaching high season. The share of devices on the Intel Braswell and AMD Carrizo-L platforms has risen sharply. The sales of budget ultramobile solutions based on Atom processes are going on, as well. All these factors affect the weighted-average cost of a laptop, which last month was at its lowest since the beginning of the year (34 thousand rubles).

The market of monitors appears optimistic

According to the ITResearch analysts, in November of 2016, about 254 thousand monitors worth 41.6 mln USD were sold in October on Russia’s market. October figures were exceeded by 11%, which is very good: the market of monitors has not been cooling down though the “hot season” is coming to its end. On a year-on-year basis, we saw a very considerable growth (by about 22.5%, which was twice as good as in September and October). And though December of 2015 was, on the whole, quite good, experts expect the sales to keep growing in December of 2016, even if the November growth rates are unlikely to be repeated.