MERLION Wants to Distribute Hyundai Products

The distributor gains the exclusive rights to supply Hyundai branded TV, audio and video systems.
19 september 2017

MERLION, the largest broadline distributor on the Russian market, announced that it would return to cooperation with Hyundai. Under a signed agreement, the distributor has gained the exclusive rights for distribution of Hyundai branded TV family and audio and video systems. With Hyundai brand expanding the distributor's portfolio, MERLION wants to strengthen its leadership on В2В and B2C markets.

Hyundai Corporation was founded in 1976 as a Hyundai Group’s trading company involved in export and import operations. Over the years the company was expanded and managed to gain prestige and win recognition as one of the largest trading companies in South Korea showing excellent performance in international trade. Hyundai Corporation has a global network with over 40 large representative offices worldwide.

A wide range of Hyundai products included in MERLION’s portfolio feature high quality, reliability, reasonable prices and the unique design that combines the style and functionality. All products manufactured under Hyundai brand meet any applicable safety standards.

Expanding MERLION’s distribution contract portfolio will allow the company to offer its partners a more comprehensive approach to supply with products related to certain types of goods such as “Audio/video systems” and “TV”. The first installment of Hyundai branded products will be shipped to MERLION as early as Q4 2017.

At MERLION, this signed distribution agreement is considered as a milestone for the development of household appliances and electronics categories that are successful and promising trends at the company. In its turn, the distributor is ready to offer reliable support to Hyundai in order to accomplish any missions and projects.