The POSITRONICA Computer Retail Store Chain Format Defined

The POSITRONICA computer retail stores will occupy 1615-3767 sq. ft. of sales area. The store layouts will feature end-to-end color-coded labeling.
25 january 2006

The POSITRONICA computer retail stores will occupy 1615-3767 sq. ft. of sales area. The store layouts will feature end-to-end color-coded labeling.

The MERLION Company, a leading Russian distributor of computer and digital equipment, together with its dealers, has defined the format of the POSITRONICA computer retail store chain.

The MERLION Company determined the optimum sales area size based on a large-scaled audit of 2100 outlets throughout Russia in 2005.

The right size proved to be 1615-3767 sq. ft., making it possible to offer a maximum range of computer and digital equipment and arrange a convenient sales area for customer service. In towns and large cities, the stores will have the sales area of a smaller size (1076 sq. ft.) or of a larger size (5382-10760 sq. ft.), though the 1615-3767 sq. ft. format will still be much preferred.

The stores will be located in large shopping centers, as well as on the ground floor of residential buildings in residential and commercial areas of cities.

The chain slogan “Pleasant to choose, easy to buy” determined the sales area layout and navigation features. The POSITRONICA stores are designed to be easy for customers to navigate and buy sophisticated products.

To facilitate the process of navigating the sales area, the stores will feature end-to-end color-coded labeling according to product category.

Each product category has its own color in the décor of the stores. For example, such key product categories as computers, components, office equipment, input equipment, software, digital and mobile equipment, home video, etc., may relate to a shade that is one of the following five contrasting colors: dark blue, purple, orange, yellow, and red. Due to the color code, once you’ve entered the store, you can spot the necessary product.

Inside the sales area, the product category will be easily identified by the color of showcases, display racks, price and information tags, signs indicating departments, and all other fixtures, including vertical display stands. The colors of product categories will also be indicated on websites, in advertisements, in catalogues, and so on.

Located at three levels (eye level, and above and below eye level), information signs will also help make the search for the necessary equipment problem-free.

The chain will make use of different types of product display. To arrange the majority of sizeable products, e.g., computers, printers, and monitors, the POSITRONICA store chain will adopt an open product display system. With free access to products, customers will have the opportunity to weigh the advantages of a model without a store assistant’s help.

At present, the POSITRONICA chain is preparing to open new outlets in Abakan, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Ivanovo, Omsk, and Naberezhnye Chelny. The chain stores are scheduled to open in late February. By the end of 2006, new stores will have opened in fifty regions of Russia.

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