The team of St.Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics won gold on a world championship on programming

The Russian students again confirmed a rank of the best programmers. The combined team of St.Petersburg State University which is supported by MERLION company won gold in the of 29 student's championships on programming
07 april 2005

On April, 6 in Shanghai (People's Republic of China) the final stage of 29 student's team championships of the world on programming (ACM Collegiate Programming Contest) ended. The team of St.Petersburg State University, absolute world champion of the last year and champion of Russia of this season, again has won gold on prestigious international tournament.

In total 4109 teams from 1582 universities of 71 countries of the world took part in tournament. In the final round participated 78 teams, including 11 from Russia.

The absolute world champion of 2005 became combined team of the Shanghai University. Combined teams of the Moscow State University and St.Petersburg State University occupied second and third places correspondingly. According to the rules of championship, first twelve teams are awarded with medals by four complete sets of gold, silver and bronze medals. Therefore gold medals were handed both Russian teams. It is remarkable, that for the first time in history of the championships no one American team was included in first dozen, and best of nineteen teams of USA - University of Illinois - appeared among the teams which shared the seventeenth place.

MERLION, the leading Russian distributor of computer and digital equipment, supports combined team of St.Petersburg State University and its trainer, the post-graduate student of the same high school Andrey Stankevich. According to Alexei Sonk, the president of company MERLION, "taking the most active participation in development of the national computer market, we are interested in the further development of high tech industry which is impossible without investments into education and support of youth which will enter intellectual elite of Russia tomorrow ".

MERLION congratulates winners and wishes young Russian programmers the further successes and new brilliant victories!

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