HIPER – a New Power Supply provider for MERLION

MERLION has been appointed as an official distributor of HIPER products in Russia
25 october 2006

MERLION, the leading Russian distributor of computer and digital products, extends its portfolio of PC power supplies and announces a cooperation agreement with HIPER, the world’s leading provider of advanced power supplies based in the UK.

Under the agreement, MERLION is awarded official distributor status and has access to the full range of the provider’s power supplies. As part of the agreement, MERLION is expected to vigorously promote HIPER products in Russian regions, as well as bolster the vendor’s position in the Russian market.

The market leading provider in England, France and other European countries now allows MERLION dealers an access to its full range of power supplies. HIPER product line features both standard and exclusive modular PC power supplies designed for computer enthusiasts and gamers.

“MERLION is the biggest Russian IT distributor with an extensive efficient partner network. It’s very important that the company works closely with regional resellers. And this is a great honor for any provider to partner with such a well-known, reliable and strong company. I’m sure that our cooperation will bring mutual benefit. MERLION resources will help us to win a dominant position in the market of power supplies, namely to be in the Top 3 of market leaders,” commented Mr. Kibizov, Regional Business Development Manager for HYPER in Russia.



Established in 2001, High Performance Group provides the best innovative products and services for computer users and corporate customers. The untraditional approach from its patented design to its business conducts of the young company gains itself partnership with many respectable companies including AMD and NVIDIA. Always committed to excellence, High Performance Group strives to be the best in every aspect, namely power supply and Media Center cases.

For further information on High Performance Group, please visit: www.hipergroup.com.

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