Wrap Up of the Marketing Program ‘Holidays in Cuba with Digitex’

The five very best companies get free holidays in Cuba.
09 november 2006

The joint marketing program of MERLION and Digitex from September 1-30 finished. The companies wrapped up the results and announced the very best partners who invested in Digitex products as part of the program. The five companies got free holidays in Cuba.

The program had the following requirements:
To join the program MERLION partners invested in Digitex products. A program partner was awarded one point for every dollar of the buy.

According to the results of the program, the best five companies are as following:

  • The two Moscow partners with the score of no less then 4000 points:

ProNET Group (Moscow)
LLC “Pirs” (Moscow)

  • The three best regional partners with the score of no less than 9000 points:

LLC “Computer-Image” (Vladimir)
(Sole trader) Tyurin Y. A. (Izhevsk)
Batkomplekt (Perm’)

All these five winners of the program have the opportunity to go on a final trip to Cuba in February, 2007.

“We are delighted to cooperate with the leading Russian distributor MERLION and see positive results of the joint marketing campaign. Such campaigns make our products more available to the consumer,” said Richard Bennett, Director, Digitex Europe Limited.

Richard Bennett, Director, Digitex Europe Limited Anna Sadofyeva, Marketing Director for Digitex Europe Limited in Russia

Anna Sadofyeva, Marketing Director for Digitex Europe Limited in Russia, shared Mr Bennett’s opinion:
“This campaign showed enthusiasm and commitment of our partners at every level, and it made it possible to boost our sales in this quarter of the year. The success of such campaigns proved once again the popularity and demand for Digitex optical storage media and accessories in the Russian market. We would like to thank Merlion for the effective program which fostered our partner loyalty and attracted new partners.

MERLION and Digitex congratulate the winners and thank all the partners for their participation in the campaign.”

For further information, please contact MERLION marketing managers or visit Marketing campaigns.

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