MERLION Starts Distribution of Corsair Memory Products

MERLION and Corsair Companies have signed a Distribution Agreement. The first batch of Corsair products will be delivered to MERLION’s warehouses just already at the beginning of February.
30 january 2008

Corsair CompanyMERLION Company, a leading Russian distributor of computer and digital equipment, extends the assortment of operative and flash memory and announces on signing of the agreement with Corsair Company, a world leader in production of high productive memory products.

The  Company Corsair Memory (Fremont, USA) is a world leader in production of high productive memory products  from 1994. A product line of Corsair Memory includes a full range of memory cards to meet the requirements of any systems and applications, from servers of mission-critical class and super high yielding game systems to more bulk products. Memory cards of Corsair are provided with a lifetime warranty. Corsair also develops and produces innovative USB Flash Drive, high productive power supply units and liquid-cooling systems for computer enthusiasts.

Within the framework of the achieved arrangements MERLION acquires a status of “Corsair official distributor” on the following product categories:

  • RAM modules (Corsair Dominator, Corsair XMS eXtreme Memory Speed, Corsair Value Select),
  • USB flash drives.

According to Philip Bakhramov, a Regional Manager of Corsair RCIS/CEE/MENA, selection of MERLION as a new distributor is defined by a successful experience of the company in development of “Memory” product category, strong positions at IT-market in general and in IT-retail trade in particular. “Without doubt  MERLION today is one of the most effective distribution companies which allows to reach all regions of Russia”.

A target of the following increase of the producer’s share at the Russian market is set before the distributor both at the expense of sales growth in the existing sale channel and owing to the attraction of new partners. The targets of MERLION include also the increase of Corsair positions as the producer No. 1 of high yielding memory products and the supplier of innovative USB Flash Drives.

For effective products promotion in the channel a vendor plans to implement the encouraging programs for the second level partners, to provide dealers with necessary information and POS materials.

The first batch of Corsair products will be available for MERLION partners already at the beginning of February.

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