MERLION has become the official distributor of Zextras, the world''s leading developer of extensions for the Zimbra open source mail server
The Zextras/Zimbra OSE communication platform is already available to MERLION partners, system integrators, and providers.
MERLION and CommuniGate Systems have signed a distribution agreement
The CommuniGate Pro unified communications platform for sending e-mail, voice-messaging, video, files, and instant messages is already available to MERLION partners.
MerliONCloud has become a distributor of domestic cloud service "Charisma" for interactive business presentations
“Charisma” helps to increase the efficiency of the sales department, improves the process of communication between managers and customers, allows the manager to control sellers and personalize offers from their company to customers.
MerliONCloud announces the launch of official sales of IBM cloud solutions
IBM SPSS (statistical analysis solution) and IBM Watson Studio (platform for creating and teaching AI models) have become available to the Russian b2b market.
MerliONCloud signed a distribution agreement with SkyDNS for the sale of cloud solutions
MerliOnCloud, a distributor of cloud products and services with experts support will offer through its partners the SkyDNS cloud service for content filtering and Internet security for commercial, governmental and educational institutions.
MerliONCloud and e.Queo has launched a program for the implementation of the corporate training system
Team management modules allow the manager to monitor the progress of team members during the courses as well as to encourage the best ones.

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