To Japan with Brother to the international exhibition EXPO 2005
The company Brother offers partners MERLION a unique possibility – to attend the international exhibition EXPO 2005 in Japan in April of the next year.
MERLION began distribution of digital photographic cameras REKAM
Company MERLION, the leading Russian distributor of computer and digital devices, and company Rekam, the leading Canadian manufacturer of photoproducts, announced that it is signing the agreement on cooperation
MERLION supports the best young programmers of Russia
From November 24 to December 2 Saint-Petersburg hold the 5th all-Russian competition of high schoolers and the 29th semi-final of the world championship on student programming. Company MERLION supported competitions of young Russian programmers.
Bonus program of Canon
Buy Canon LaserBase MF3110 and get bonus!
Samsung: mobilization goes on!
At buying printers Samsung –a fashionable mobile telephone as a present!
Unprecedented action «Winter holiday with Samsung!»
At buying photographic cameras Samsung – suitcases Samsonite as a gift!
Action of Canon «Set for oligarch!»
Become an oligarch together with Canon and MERLION!
Meet Christmas together with GIGABYTE!
Plasma, notebooks, TV sets and other valuable prizes for participants of the action GIGABYTE!
New Year carnival with Philips and MERLION
Headsets of original design for buyers of MP3, HDD and Flash players Philips.
DELL business version for printing
Valuable prizes for participants of the programme who buy DELL printers!
Set your own record with Western Digital!
When buying hard discs Western Digital in company MERLION, you receive a free memory Digma 1024Mb USB 2.0 Pen drive!!!
The second authorization of Russian business partners of Dell
The second authorization of Russian business partners of Dell took place on the 20th of October. 47 Moscow and regional computer companies received the status of “MERLION’s business partner on Dell products”.
Measure Verbatim in inches!
LCD-TV for the three best buyers of Verbatim products!
Road Show MERLION in Novosibirsk
On October 26 - 27, in Novosibirsk the companies CANON, Creative, NEC, Proview – the world leaders of IT-technologies - with support of the company MERLION held a workshop for IT-specialists, managers of computer companies and retailer stores of Siberia.
Results of the competition “Find Agent Ruby”
ATI and MERLION summed up the results of the competition “Find Agent Ruby” dedicated to the best organization of the display in a retailer store. An absolute winner is the net of computer stores “Babylon” from Chita.
Buy a laser printer – give yourself a present!
When buying colour laser printers EPSON you receive a present – a radio telephone DECT Siemens Gigaset or a portable colour television MIYOTA
IRIVER and MERLION have concluded an official agreement
The IRIVER company, a leading world manufacturer of MP3 players, and the MERLION company have announced concluding a distributing agreement.
MERLION widens the Philips’ consumer electronics specter
The MERLION company widens the Philips household appliances assortment. The first consignment of LCD TV sets with a diagonal of 23", 26", 32" has already arrived at the company’s warehouses.
Staff changes in the MERLION company
Since October 1st of the current year, Igor Petrov is Chief Executive Officer of the MERLION company. Igor Sundukov has been assigned Director of the MERLION-Taisu company.
Win a trip to Hollywood with Imation, MTV, and MERLION
The Imation company, together with MTV, start a wide-scale “Hollywood” action for final users. The main prize is a trip to Hollywood. The action is supported by the MERLION company.
The action «Nalu the Mermaid’s Lucky Watch»
On October 1st. the NVIDIA and MERLION action named “Nalu the Mermaid’s Lucky Watch” started. The prizes are OMEGA watches and chronometers.
A warm autumn with Canon and MERLION!
Upon purchase of one of Canon multifunctional devices, get a stylish blazer for free!
Printing Without Cables Is Printing Without Limits!
Samsung and MERLION Announce a Beginning of the New Marketing Event for Partners: Printing Without Cables Is Printing Without Limits.
MERLION begins the distribution of Imation data storage products
MERLION and Imation announce the beginning of official collaboration. Imation products and its support program for second-level partners are available now for Russian partners of MERLION. Imation production delivery has already begun.
It is closer from Blagoveshchensk to London!
We have the results of the Joint Marketing Program on Digitex and MERLION media. The Main Prize, OOO ALG Soft from Blagoveshchensk won a Trip to London to Chelsea Football Club Match.
FotoNik’2004 under the Patronage of Nikon and MERLION
From September 27 till November 27, 2004 prizes are granted to dealers for a purchase of Nikon Digital Compact Cameras.
A road show in Nizhniy Novgorod
On the 13th and 14th of July in Nizhniy Novgorod MERLION company carried out seminars on new CANON, NIKON, PHILIPS, and POWERCOM products.
A road show in Krasnodar and Stavropol
On the 27th and 28th of July in Krasnodar and Stavropol MERLION company carried out seminars on new CANON, EPOX, PHILIPS, and POWERCOM products.
Results of the competition for the best decoration of the “Your world in NVIDIA colors” store
The competition for the best decoration of the “Your world in NVIDIA colors” retail store has ended. The winner of the action is “Uliss Computers LTD” from the town of Seversk. The competition took place with support of the MERLION company.
New Acorp Modems presentation
MERLION Co. Made a Presentation of New Acorp Modems and Summarized 10 Years of Cooperation.
ASUSTeK and MERLION have found true treasures
The companies ASUSTeK and MERLION have summed up the “Searching for the true ASUSTeK treasures” marketing program and drew the main prize, - a C-class Mercedes Benz.
Sport and Business! Rugby and MERLION
On June 19-20, Moscow welcomed the European Rugby 7 Series Tour. The Russian team, sponsored by MERLION, was among the prize-winners.
A new MERLION status from Canon
On August 27th, the MERLION company acquired the “Authorized Photo/Video wholesale center” status from the Canon company.
New Entity of MERLION
1 September, 2004 MERLION has announced its merger with the wholesale division of TAISU Company. The new entity will allow MERLION to enlarge its dealer’s network.
MERLION has become member of the RATEK
The MERLION company has become member of the Association of Trade Companies and Manufacturers of household and computer appliances (RATEK).
ATI and MERLION start the “Find the Ruby Agent” competition
Inside the “Find the Ruby Agent” action, the ATI corporation suggests computer companies take part in a contest for the best store decoration. Money prizes are assigned for the winners.
MERLION becomes Western Digital’s official distributor
The Western Digital Corporation and the MERLION company announce a signature of an official cooperation agreement.
MERLION begins the distribution of Targus mobile computing cases and accessories
MERLION announce the beginning of official collaboration with Targus, the worldwide leader in notebook carrying cases and accessories. Targus production delivery has already begun.
MERLION’s Tech Support Center has started working
MERLION’s tech support center has started working. The main purpose set before the specialists of the center is to supply the company’s partners with necessary technical information about the merchandise sold.
MERLION – 2003 Best Distributor of Motherboards, monitors and scanners 2003
"ComputerPress" publishing house and the Institute of Marketing Research GFK Russia drew up the results of the rating "Computer Elite 2003". MERLION was recognized the best motherboards, monitors and scanners distributor.
Entrust creation of your web site to MERLION
Internet Projects Support Group of MERLION launched the Russian version of Biostar motherboards web site.
MERLION to obtain «Official Epson Products Supplier» Status
MERLION Company was given the «Official EPSON Products Supplier» status in core products category: printers, scanners, multi-function devices.
Become the best in the eyes of the best!АРС and MERLION to select the best UPS dealer
MERLION company, No 1 distributor of computer equipment and components in Russia, announces the launch of the marketing program for dealers "АРС: The best in its class!". Prizes are well worth competing for!
NVIDIA and MERLION to launch the Best Point Of Sale Decoration Contest
NVIDIA Corporation and MERLION launch the Best Point of Sale Decoration Contest "Your World in NVIDIA Colors". Winners will get valuable prizes!
MERLION begins the distribution of BROTHER office equipment
The Russian representative office of Brother and MERLION announced the signing of the distribution agreement covering the whole spectrum of Brother office equipment.
Dominate your game together with nVIDIA!
NVIDIA, the World leader in GPUs, launches the unique award program: "GeForce FX: Dominate Your Game". Each buyer of a GeForce FX based graphic card gets a stunning game for free! The program is supported by MERLION.
MERLION and NVIDIA set on to find the best entomologists
MERLION announces the launch of the marketing program for dealers: "To the best NVIDIA entomologists!". Program winners will be awarded with valuable prizes. The main prize is NISSAN Primera.
MERLION announces the launch of the marketing program for dealers "GIGABYTE: BECOME A HERO!". The winners will be awarded with a journey to Portugal for the finals of EURO 2004 football championship. The ultimate prize - BMW 318i.

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