An Official Status for Russian Partners of MERLION
MERLION introduces an official status for its Moscow and regional partners.
The First National Computer Retail Store Chain Be Named POSITRONICA
The computer retail stores set up by the MERLION’s dealers will be named POSITRONICA. The concept of the new chain stores is to make it pleasant for a customer to choose and easy to buy.
A New MERLION’s Distributor Status for Recording Media
The MERLION Company received an official confirmation of its Distributor status from Sony Europe’s Recording Media & Energy division.
MERLION Is a New Wholesale Partner of Acer
Acer and Merlion have signed an official agreement to cooperate on mobile computers and displays. The first supply of notebooks, pocket personal computers, and LCD displays is already available to MERLION partners.
Merlion Launches Supply of HP Printers
The HP Corporation and the Merlion Company announced the signing of an official agreement to cooperate. Since August 1, 2005, inkjet and laserjet printers, multifunction and scanners of the world’s leading manufacturer , as well as support programs for level-two partners have been available to Merlion dealers from different Russian regions.
Acer Products in the Merlion Portfolio of Notebooks
The Acer Company and the Merlion Co. signed an official agreement to cooperate on mobile computers. The first supply of Acer notebooks and PPCs is already available to Merlion partners.
Planet EPoX
Visit planet EPoX and win a new Mazda 6!
Unprecedented action: weeks of notebooks in MERLION!
The widest choice of notebooks at the most favourable prices!
MERLION starts supply of digital dictaphones Philips
The company MERLION starts distribution of digital dictaphones Philips. The distributor focuses on the Russian IT-channel and regional retail markets.
MERLION’s road show in Tatarstan
Kazan, on June 28 the companies Dell, Epson, Jetbalance, Konica-Minolta, OKLICK, POWERCOM presented new products for IT-specialists of Tatarstan Republic. The road show was organized by the company MERLION.
Philips confirmed officially the distributor’s status of MERLION
The company Philips Recordable Media has officially confirmed the distributor’s status of MERLION on media for 2005.
MERLION starts supplies of HP notebooks
HP corporation and the company MERLION have signed an official cooperation agreement. Since May 1, 2005 the notebooks, CPC and desktops of the global manufacturer are available for dealers of MERLION in all regions of Russia.
Computer Road Show in Perm and Izhevsk
On June 7 in Perm and on June 9 in Izhevsk the companies Canon, Western Digital, JetBalance, IPPON held trainings for IT-specialists, marketing managers, managers of computer companies and retail shops.
Make your shop much better!
Design your shop in ASUS style and win wonderful prizes!
Little pleasures from Samsung in MERLION
Companies Samsung and MERLION start a new marketing programme aimed at the promotion of the optical drives Samsung DVD-RW. Moscow and regional dealers of MERLION are welcome to take part in this programme.
An action for Nikon dealers
Nikon Company announces the new action start for second-level partners. Winners will go to the USA to the PMA-2006 exhibition in February, 2006.
Verbatim и MERLION: excellent team!
On May, 3 MERLION starts a new marketing programme “Excellent team Verbatim”. Moscow and regional dealers of MERLION are welcome to take part in this programme.
Spring offers from Epson and MERLION!
Companies Epson and MERLION have announced the launch of 4 marketing programmes targeted at promotion of the Epson products. Moscow and regional dealers of MERLION are welcome to take part in this programme.
LG – that sounds!
LG and MERLION launch a new marketing programme aimed at LG notebooks promotion. Moscow and regional dealers of MERLION are welcome to take part in this programme.
The team of St.Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics won gold on a world championship on programming
The Russian students again confirmed a rank of the best programmers. The combined team of St.Petersburg State University which is supported by MERLION company won gold in the of 29 student's championships on programming
MERLION became official distributor of Foxconn
MERLION, the leading Russian distributor of computer and digital equipment, and Foxconn, the world leader in manufacture of system boards, sockets, cases for the PC and systems of cooling, declare the beginning of official cooperation.
Samsung and MERLION make royal presents!
On April, 1 the company MERLION started a new marketing programme on Samsung photo cameras. The action will last till May, 31 of this year. Moscow and regional dealers of MERLION are welcome to take part in this programme.
GIGABYTE: at top of a success!
A new action from GIGABYTE – a new car BMW 318i and a variety of another valuable prizes!
MERLION confirmed the status of reliable and productive partner of HP on consumables
Confirming high efficiency of cooperation, Hewlett-Packard again has given MERLION the status «HP Supplies Business Partner level Connect».
Five excellent fives from BenQ!
On March, 14 company MERLION launched a new marketing project on digital photo cameras BenQ DC C 51 promotion. The action will last till April, 17 of this year. Moscow and regional dealers of MERLION are welcome to take part in the action.
BenQ and MERLION: school of extreme driving.
BenQ and MERLION invite their Moscow and regional MERLION dealers to participate in a new super-action “School of extreme driving” for users of photo cameras BenQ.
Down with the lack of vitamins! Samsung and MERLION will help you!
MERLION and Samsung propose their Moscow and regional dealers to have a health course after the winter lack of vitamins by means of 4 vitamins S!
MERLION becomes the official distributor of IN WIN cases
Companies IN WIN and MERLION declared signing of the official cooperation agreement. In all regions of Russia IN WIN production now is available to partners of MERLION.
The personal Samsung audio is now available to partners of MERLION
MERLION and Samsung Electronics Corporation, the world leader in manufacture of digital devices for house and office start official cooperation on personal digital audio.
A new action «Pure volume of Digitex» is beginning
Buying Digitex products – a gift ultramodern vacuum cleaner!
Brother becomes closer by 20%!
Get bonus buying Brother office equipment!
Become champion with Panasonic and MERLION!
Grand prize of the action - SUBARU IMPREZA!
Mouses and keyboards Oklick. A new name on the Russian market
There are new products in the product range of MERLION– computer mouse and keyboards Oklick (TM of the venture company Nippon Klick Co.). Functionality, convinient ergonomic design, three sizes for any hand – Small, Middle, Large.

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