MERLION Projects has carried out deliveries of computer equipment for schools of the North Ossetia
More than 50 schools of the North Ossetia have begun academic year with new computer classes, interactive boards, multimedia projectors and other equipment put by company MERLION Projects.
Vyacheslav Simonenko and Alexey Abramov one of the best directors of the Russian IT Companies.
Following the results of the rating two members of the MERLION company have taken one of the lead items among 25 winners – Vyacheslav Simonenko (General director) and Alexey Abramov (Chairman of board of directors).
MERLION launches distribution оf Lenovo notebook computers
Company MERLION and Lenovo signed a distribution agreement. The first lot of IdeaPad notebook computers from Lenovo will appear in shops of MERLION as early as the middle of July.
MERLION named as new AOC Distributor at the Russian market
AOC is proud to announce the signing of a new distribution contract. We warmly welcome the company Merlion as our new partner in Russia.
Intel noted MERLION’s outstanding contribution
Intel Corporation noted MERLION’s outstanding contribution to Channel Revenue development with a special award.
MERLION Starts Distribution of Gingle Memory Facilities
The Company MERLION became an exclusive distributor of the Gingle RAM. The first batch of the products will be available for partners already at the beginning of the next week.
“POSITRONICA” Network is a Laureate of a Main Prize in the Sphere of Trade and Services “Russian Trade Olympus”!
A reward is awarded to “POSITRONICA” network for high dynamics of development.
MERLION is Recognized as One of HP Best Partners at the Russian Market
Company Hewlett-Packard summarized results of 2007 and announced names of best partners. MERLION received rewards in 5 nominations!
“POSITRONICA”: 22 New Shops
In January 2008 a network “POSITRONICA” opened two new shops in Temryuk and Zelenogorsk towns. The plans of the managing company in the nearest two months include opening of 20 “POSITRONICA” shops more.
MERLION Starts Distribution of Corsair Memory Products
MERLION and Corsair Companies have signed a Distribution Agreement. The first batch of Corsair products will be delivered to MERLION’s warehouses just already at the beginning of February.
MERLION – New Victory!
Following voting results of portal auditorium the Company MERLION is again recognized as the Best Distributor of the Year.

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