MERLION – «The authorized distributor of Acer LCD TV-sets»
From the beginning of 2011 MERLION acquires the right to sell and promote Acer LCD TV-sets within the territory of the Russian Federation.
MERLION – «The authorized distributor of Nanya Technology»
MERLION announces the beginning of cooperation with Nanya Technology Corporation and starts to deliver Elixir core memory to the Russian market.
MERLION is again the “Best Distributor of the Year” according to the version of site population!
Six years in a row, the MERLION has been obtaining the “iXBT Brand” status, for five years, the company was given the golden award.
MERLION gets distribution for Samsung mobile phones
The permanent distributor agreement is applicable for Samsung mobile phones and smartphones.
MERLION – "Official distributor of Supermicro"
The leading Russian IT-distributor, MERLION, and the American manufacturer of computer components, Supermicro, signed a distribution agreement.
New Year with new openings!
“IT clinic chain” is opening its new branches.
MERLION is among the largest companies of Russia in the upshot of the first six months of the year 2010
Rating of the “Finance” magazine. “Business leaders: results for January-June”.
MERLION is awarded by Asus
The award was given for the entire spectrum of Asus solutions, presented in the portfolio of products, as well as for leading positions in promoting the vendor’s production in the territory of the Russian Federation.
MERLION – “Gold Distributor Lenovo”
MERLION was awarded by Lenovo.
MERLION is the official distributor of Lbook™ e-books
The Distributor agreement is not limited in time and opens new opportunities for the development of the “e-books” group in the product portfolio of MERLION.
MERLION in the rating of leading business periodicals
“Forbes”, “Finance”, “Expert”. Among IT companies MERLION has been taking one of the leading positions in ratings for many years.
Sony Optiarc Europe awarded MERLION
MERLION got a reward for steady and high sales of Sony Optiarc optic drives.
CITILINK was opened in Nizhny Novgorod
Quite recently CITILINK (the official retail project of MERLION) was opened in Saint-Petersburg, and now, as it was planned, the project enters Nizhny Novgorod.
CITILINK opens Cash&Carry
In the territory of Moscow electronic discounter CITILINK a new shop with Cash&Carry laying-out was opened – “Semyon’s”*.
MERLION – Official Distributor of Comstar WiMAX Equipment
MERLION and COMSTAR-United TeleSystems have concluded a distributor agreement.
MERLION brings another retail project to the regions
On September, 18 the official opening of a CITILINK store will take place in Saint-Petersburg. CITILINK is MERLION’s second retail project after POSITRONICS that the company started to bring out to the federal level.
Alexey Abramov and Slava Simonenko are the winners of CRN/RE rating “25 Best Managers of Russian IT-Companies 2010”
Two representatives of MERLION at once became the winners of CRN/RE rating “25 Best Managers of Russian IT-Companies 2010” - Alexey Abramov (Chairman of the Board of Directors) and Slava Simonenko (General Director).
MERLION became the official distributor of Toshiba
MERLION and Toshiba Europe GmbH have concluded a distributor agreement, authorizing MERLION to sell the whole range of Toshiba notebooks.
MERLION Company was honored by FSP award
FSP Company distinguished the outstanding contribution of MERLION company into cooperation in 2010.
«POSITRONICA» e-shop: the milestone of 100 shops is passed!
Federal chain store system of electronic goods “POSITRONICA” informs about the startup of more than 100 e-shops in the cities of Russia.
MERLION and Fellowes Inc. concluded a distribution agreement
The agreement is open-ended and applicable to all groups of Fellowes goods.
MERLION Company received the PQI “Best Partner 2009” Award
For best sales of PQI products in Russia, MERLION received the “Best Partner 2009” Award.
MERLION Company received the Kingmax award
For high sales volumes of Kingmax products, the MERLION Company received the “Best Sales Award 2010”.
«CNews100: the major IT-companies of Russia» rating was published
MERLION company did not change its position in the rating remaining among the leaders on the second place with revenues of 52,4 bln. rubles.
iRU shows the highest sales growth in Microsoft OEM licenses in 2009-2010
Microsoft Corporation distinguished the “NKA-Grupp” with the highest sales growth award.
MERLION –“Lenovo Strategic Partner”
MERLION was honored with a special “Lenovo Strategic Partner Award”.
“POSITRONICA” opens its fourth retail outlet in the Moscow Region
The national “POSITRONICA” electronics retail chain opened its second store in the “Gorbushkin Dvor” shopping complex. The new store became the fourth “POSITRONICA” retail outlet in the Moscow Region.
MERLION – official distributor of PocketBook products in the territory of Russia
MERLION and PocketBook have signed a distribution agreement.
iRU summing up results of 2009
iRU Company has summed up the results of the 2009 financial year. iRU business volume has almost doubled in comparison with the 2008 figures.
“Network of computer clinics” once again expands its horizons
Federal “Network of computer clinics” continues its regional development, and today opens doors of the new Computer clinic in one of the most distant points of Russia - in the city of Khabarovsk.
MERLION range of goods now includes bulky household and climate appliances
In MERLION goods portfolio there are now bulky household and climate appliances.
“POZITRONIKA” has come to Dmitrov
MC “Pozitronika” has opened its first store in Moscow Region.
MERLION is the “Best partner of the year”. Dell award
For the high growth of the sales of Dell Company’s products MERLION was awarded the title of the “Best partner of the year”.
MERLION and QNAP have signed a distribution agreement
MERLION Company has become an official distributor of QNAP production on the territory of the RF. Solutions of this manufacturer are already available for MERLION Company’s partners.
MERLION Company and Oregon Scientific have signed a distribution agreement
Cooperation with Oregon Scientific gives MERLION an opportunity to emerge in the new markets and the partners of the company can enlarge their assortment matrix.
"POZITRONIKA" and Lenovo: presentation of the first laptop-pad Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t
Lenovo Company with participation of MC “Pozitronika” has presented its new product, a unique laptop Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t with a turnable sensor screen.
MERLION and ZyXEL have signed a distribution agreement
MERLION and ZyXEL companies inform about signing a distribution agreement.
MERLION has a new TOP-manager
Tatiana Andreeva has been appointed the business development director.
MERLION is the number 1 company in Russian IT market
Economic weekly ”Commersant DENGI” recently published results of Russian IT companies’ annual rating. MERLION Company reaffirmed its status of the leader for the eighth time in succession.
“CITILINK” store new openings (MERLION project)
Since the moment of opening order and delivery outlets CITILINK mini (December 2009), in our capital there appeared three more outlets and three more are being planned for the opening in the nearest future.
MERLION: “The Best Distributor of Benq Monitors”
BenQ honors MERLION with “The Best Distributor of Benq Monitors” award.
MERLION and TEAM Sign a Distributor Agreement
MERLION becomes “Official Distributor of TEAM Products in Russia”. First lot of vendor’s products – TEAM flash drives – is already available to MERLION partners.
MERLION is Honored Intel Award Once Again
MERLION is honored with Intel award for increase in sales of processors according to the results of the year 2009.
MERLION is “Platinum HP Distributor”
For outstanding results and a stable volume of sales of HP Personal systems, MERLION was honored with the “Platinum HP Distributor” Status.
GIGABYTE and “Computer Clinics’ Network” Become Partners
The Nation-Wide “Computer Clinics’ Network” (a project by MERLION) and GIGABYTE Sign a Cooperation Agreement.
MERLION Business Channel: the Fifth Season of Forums is to be Started
On March 11, the fifth season of forums for MERLION partners, MERLION Business Channel’2010, will be started.
March 4 is the Anniversary of POSITRONICA Network
We are 4 Years Old Already!
MERLION and Iomega have entered into a distribution agreement
The agreement has already taken effect and covers Iomega external hard disks and media players.
MERLION and GN Netcom have entered into a distribution agreement
Solutions under the Jabra brand are in stock of MERLION.
Federal “Computer Clinic Network” has summarized the results of work for 2009
“Computer Clinic Network” has been operating for 2 years. Service centers have been opened in more than 60 cities of Russia and about 160,000 requests from the network clients have been processed during that time period.
“MERLION Trainee” program. Now also for financiers
MERLION is inviting graduates from technical and financial and economic institutes of higher education to the financial department.
MERLION-Probationer Program launched
MERLION invites graduates of technical universities to gain unique work experience in commercial services of the leading Russian IT market distributor.
CITILINK – results of the first year of work
CITILINK Computer Discounter opened in January 2009, the official retail project of MERLION Distribution Company, now is in the top ten of “the Year’s Best Retailers”, according to the opinion of readers of one of the leading online computing resources.
MERLION is the year’s best distributor, according to the opinion of population
The Company once again approved its iXBT Brand status.

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