MERLION is the official distributor of Fluke Networks in Russia
MERLION will supply the Russian market with measuring instruments produced by FNET.
MERLION dipped back into the future
In the year of its 20th anniversary, MERLION launched a new format of the annual December meetings with its partners and vendors, and established the “Golden Merlioner” award.
iRU – a member of the Microsoft Partner Summit at Skolkovo
A grand launch of new products from Microsoft was held on December 6 at Skolkovo. MERLION was the general sponsor of the summit, and iRU presented their new products based on Windows 8 OS in the demonstration zone.
MERLION and DNA reached an agreement on strategic alliance and agreed on joint promotion of the IBM software
MERLION and DNA entered into a strategic alliance for the promotion of the IBM software in the Russian Federation and abroad.
MERLION and Digital Machines: a mutually beneficial community
Strategic alliance to promote IBM solutions.
MERLION’s Kazakhstan office received Canon distribution
MERLION, as the official distributor, starts direct supplies of copying and printing devices, as well as original Canon consumables to Kazakhstan.
MERLION – “Attractive Employer-2012”
For the 3rd year in a row, the portal has been honoring MERLION the award reflecting the applicant confidence and image of promising and open company.
IT Clinic Network is 5 years old!
MERLION created the network of authorized service centers on the federal scale – IT Clinic Network - exactly five years ago.
MERLION – «Exclusive distributor of Infortrend NAS data storage systems»
MERLION starts supplying the Infortrend NAS solutions to the Russian market.
MERLION is among the biggest companies of Russia
For the eighth year running the MERLION company is included in the list of the top Russian companies according to the rankings of the Forbes and Expert magazines.
MERLION receives the Dell Distributor of the Year 2012 award, a sign of productive collaboration
Moscow, September 28, 2012 – The MERLION company received a honorary award from its longtime partner Dell, one of the IT industry’s leaders. The picturesque Dell Distributor of the Year 2012 award is not only a sign of success of the two companies’ collaboration in the current year, but also a symbol of their successful cooperation for many years.
MERLION announces the beginning of sales of UPVEL network equipment
The parties signed an agreement which gave MERLION the status of official UPVEL distributor in Russian and CIS».
Branch office in Nizhny Novgorod
MERLION opened a branch office in Nizhny Novgorod.
MERLION opened a demo display stand for virtualization solutions
Now you can watch the technologies work ‘live’!
Alexey Abramov and Vyacheslav Simonenko Win the “25 Best Top Managers of Russian IT Companies of 2012” CRN Rating
MERLION’s top managers win this rating for the third time on end (2008, 2010, 2012).
Eaton and MERLION Announce their Cooperation Expansion
As a result of signing a supplementary agreement, MERLION is entitled now to sell EATON’s Power Distribution products in the Russian market.
MERLION and Alcatel-Lucent RT Signed a Distribution Agreement
MERLION starts direct sales of Alcatel-Lucent’s telecommunication equipment.
MERLION is “ZAGG’s Official Distributor in Russia and the CIS”
MERLION starts direct sales of unique accessories for portable equipment from American manufacturer ZAGG.
MERLION Company has become the first and the only official distributor of Stratus Technologies in Russia
The commodity range of MERLION has enlarged by incorporating Stratus® Avance® solutions for increasing the fault-tolerance of IT-infrastructure and ftServer® servers.
MERLION – “Official distributor of TRENDnet in Russia and the CIS”
The distributor portfolio has incorporated a new brand - networking equipment TRENDnet.
MERLION and Fortinet have signed a distributor agreement
As an official distributor, the MERLION Company starts deliveries of Fortinet security systems to the markets of Russia and the CIS.
MERLION Company has become the first official distributor of Swissvoice in Russia and the CIS
The biggest Russian distributor is the first to start deliveries of Swissvoice innovative telephony to Russia and the CIS.
MERLION is planning to become No.1 in Kazakhstan.
In the city of Almaty, the MERLION Company carried out a partner conference, during which it presented its ambitious plans for the development of IT-market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
MERLION starts deliveries of Yamaha Hi-Fi equipment
The companies concluded a distributor agreement, which entitles MERLION to sell the whole range of Yamaha products in Russia.
MERLION is an official photo accessories partner of Polaroid
MERLION has become the second company which is engaged in wholesale trade of Polaroid products in the Russian market.
Intel Corporation has given the award to iRU trademark at the annual conference Intel Platinum Summit 2012
At the annual conference Intel Platinum Summit 2012 (IPS) which took place in April 2012 in London, Intel Corporation traditionally marked its best partners.
MERLION has signed a distributor contract with Hitachi Data Systems
MERLION has signed a contract with Hitachi Data Systems, which grants MERLION distributor rights in Russia and Tajikistan from April 2012. The contract covers the whole line-up of the manufacturer – data storage systems, Rack- and Blade-servers.
MERLION announces merger with Aksima
MERLION has announced a merger with Aksima - a leading Moscow distributor of household appliances and electronics. The management of both companies expects the merger to cardinally increase the efficiency of their business in the household appliances and electronics market and will enable the merged business structure to become a leader in the CE (Consumer Electronics) distribution market in 2012.
MERLION receives an Intel award
Intel Corporation distinguished MERLION with a special award for its outstanding contribution to the development of All-in-One PC sales channel in the Russian Federation.
MERLION and RDTEX announce strategic partnership
The partnership is aimed at integrating the resources and competences of both companies in order to provide full support to partners operating Oracle software and hardware-software solutions.
MERLION begins to supply Panda solutions
MERLION is expanding its range of antivirus solutions with products of the Spanish company Panda Security.
MERLION and ESET announced signing of distribution contract
MERLION has become the official distributor of ESET in Russia and several CIS countries. The contract signed by both companies covers the whole line of the vendor’s products – from home to corporate solutions.
MERLION is the first and only official distributor of Sitecom networking equipment in Russia and CIS
MERLION and Sitecom have signed a distribution agreement. To date, MERLION is the only official distributor of this manufacturer in Russia and CIS.
MERLION is the “Official distributor of Silicon Power in Russia and the CIS”
MERLION begins to supply Silicon Power digital data storage devices for the Russian and Kazakhstan markets.
MERLION and Molex have signed a distribution agreement
MERLION has become the third distributor in Russia and the second distributor in Kazakhstan of SCS Molex.
MERLION starts direct deliveries of Emtec USB-drives
MERLION and Emtec have signed a distribution agreement.
MERLION is the “Official distributor of Huawei Device”
MERLION starts direct supplies of Huawei Device to the Russian market.
“Trainee – MERLION” program has started
MERLION invites graduates to get a unique experience in the commercial service of the Russia's largest IT distributor. Profiles of applicants are accepted before May 31.
MERLION has acquired the title of “Attractive Employer-2011”
25.01.2012 award: applicant confidence indicator and image of promising and open company.
MERLION starts supplying NetApp solutions to the market of Kazakhstan
Direct NetApp storage systems supplies: best conditions, efficient logistics and service support from a leading Russian distributor.
MERLION is the “Best Distributor of the Year” according to audience
MERLION is awarded the Gold Award “iXBT Brand” for six consecutive years.

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