MERLION Received Intel Award
The distributor was awarded for its continued contribution to the promotion and sale of Intel-based devices in the Russian market.
TP-LINK Award: MERLION - “Sales Machine”
In 2019, the distributor showed outstanding results and took the leading share in the sales of TP-LINK network equipment in Russia.
iRU is in the top five again in terms of desktop PCs supply
According to IDC's analytical report (third quarter of 2019), iRU continues to occupy the fourth position in the Russian market.
ASUS celebrated successful collaboration with MERLION in 2019
The award ceremony took place at the ASUS annual partner conference.
MERLION is Russia''s Best Russian IT Distributor in 2019
The results of CRN/RE rating. MERLION won first place in the Distributor for retail nomination and entered the top 5 in four nominations: “Distributor for system integrator”, “Distributor for assembler”, “Distributor for software”, “AV distributor”.
MERLION is No. 59 in the RAEX-600 rating published in the Kommersant newspaper
The company is one of the largest companies in Russia in terms of sales for the 14th consecutive year.
CONTEXT ChannelWatch 2019: MERLION is the distributor of the year in the Retail Partner category in Russia
CONTEXT announced the results of the annual online survey of ChannelWatch IT resellers. MERLION was recognized as the best for the second year in a row.
MERLION is No. 58 in RBC''s rating "500 largest companies in Russia"
The rating comes out for the fifth year in a row, and MERLION has held a stable position in it.
MERLION became the first official distributor of H3C Technologies in Russia
A distribution contract was signed before the vendor entered the Russian market.
MERLION is No. 35 in the Forbes ranking
For the 14th consecutive year, the distributor has been included in the first fifty of the largest private companies in Russia.
MERLION International Summit Gathered Over 1800 Participants
On September 6, the third MERLION IT Solutions Summit ended. It was the largest event in the company's history.
MERLION acquired a controlling stake in High Energy
The company will be able to comprehensively provide its partners with everything necessary for the construction of data centers and other facilities.
MERLION announces creation of a new company to promote solutions in the field of big data analytics and machine intelligence
Through a partnership with a leading VAD distributor, AnalyticsHub intends to enter the TOP-5 market leaders in data analytics and machine learning.
Analytics of the Russian IT market by ITResearch
Selection of articles: monitors, UPS, projectors, document scanners, photographic paper, LED modular screens
MERLION has become the official distributor of Zextras, the world''s leading developer of extensions for the Zimbra open source mail server
The Zextras/Zimbra OSE communication platform is already available to MERLION partners, system integrators, and providers.
MERLION and CommuniGate Systems have signed a distribution agreement
The CommuniGate Pro unified communications platform for sending e-mail, voice-messaging, video, files, and instant messages is already available to MERLION partners.
MerliONCloud has become a distributor of domestic cloud service "Charisma" for interactive business presentations
“Charisma” helps to increase the efficiency of the sales department, improves the process of communication between managers and customers, allows the manager to control sellers and personalize offers from their company to customers.
IRU Company Introduces i2212P Server as Part of Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day
The novelty of Russian production is a part of the cloud infrastructure that iRU provides to partners.
MERLION and Schreder signed a distribution agreement
Partners intend to promote smart solutions for automated lighting, security, and analytics space for cities, transportation hubs, shopping centres, university campuses, industrial zones, and tourist attractions.
MERLION became Corning’s official distributor in Russia
Optical and copper solutions for data centers, backbone and corporate SCS networks from Corning are already available to MERLION partners.
Russian IT market analytics by ITResearch
Selection of articles: professional panels, monitors, PCs, projectors, tablet computers, laptops, printers.
MerliONCloud announces the launch of official sales of IBM cloud solutions
IBM SPSS (statistical analysis solution) and IBM Watson Studio (platform for creating and teaching AI models) have become available to the Russian b2b market.
iRU storage systems will be equipped with Russian software RAIDIX
iRU and Raidix signed a partnership agreement aimed at joint development and supply of Russian data storage systems.
MerliONCloud signed a distribution agreement with SkyDNS for the sale of cloud solutions
MerliOnCloud, a distributor of cloud products and services with experts support will offer through its partners the SkyDNS cloud service for content filtering and Internet security for commercial, governmental and educational institutions.
MERLION took part in Huawei Partner Conference 2019
At its booth, the distributor presented its cloud distribution project MerliONCloud and all the capabilities of its Value Added Distribution Division.
MERLION: “The Best D-Link Distributor in Russia”
By the end of 2018, the company showed the largest sales growth and took the leading share in the partner channel of the vendor.
A software and hardware complex from Rosplatform and iRU has been introduced in the administration of the Vladimir region
To work with citizens, for the electronic document management, the official Internet portal, as well as a number of other information systems and services.
MerliONCloud and e.Queo has launched a program for the implementation of the corporate training system
Team management modules allow the manager to monitor the progress of team members during the courses as well as to encourage the best ones.
POSITRONICA: February Openings
Digest of new store openings in February 2019.
The Russian IT Market Research from ITResearch
Selection of articles: professional displays, laptops, monitors, projectors, scanners, UPS, printers.
iRU is again among the top five desktop PC suppliers
According to the analytical report of IDC (the 4th quarter of 2018).
iRU has taken part in the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi
iRU Executive Director Victoria Tarantina spoke at the session "The Cybersports Industry as a Development Path for the IT Industry".
iRU has become a member of the EDMA – Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association
The goal of the Association is to revive and develop the Russian electronics industry.
Panasonic and MERLION have started the production of IP cameras in Russia
The production line will be able to provide timely output for specialized projects of almost any scale
Zyxel awarded MERLION for the rapid growth in sales
The distributor has become a leader in the number of devices sold.
The Russian IT Market Research from ITResearch
Selection of articles: projectors, desktop PCs, monitors, laptops, tablet PCs.
AMD Corporation awarded MERLION
For effective long-term cooperation and achievements in the framework of the AMD Partner Program, the distributor was awarded the title of Executive Elite Partner 2018.

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