VAD-Distribution in the Era of Digital Transformation
The main thing about digital transformation that is rather popular today is not just digitization, but an associated substantial business transformation with participation of multiple companies of different profile.
MERLION Offers Digital Transformation Training
For the first time ever, MERLION, one of the leading Russian distributors of IT solutions, conducted an open event, inviting not only partners, system integrators and vendors, but also customers and journalists.
CRN/RE Announced Results of “Top 25 Regional IT Companies 2017” Rating
Among the rating experts– Tatyana Skokova, Director for Distribution of “Broadline Distribution” Division, MERLION, and Victoria Tarantina, iRU Project Manager.
TAdviser on changes in the MERLION partner chain
The VAD-Distributor’s role of the supply chain key link and the guarantor of stable project realization is becoming even more significant.
Computer healing: can repair become more effective than a new equipment purchase?
An article in “Russian Planet” Edition about repairing equipment in the flagship Computer Clinic #999.
Cloud Distribution – New Age
On the cloud technologies market there has occurred the biggest recent merger of players.
MERLION purchased RentSoft and Velvica platform to automatize cloud services distribution
Through the merger, the largest Broadline Distributor MERLION is going to take the lead in the cloud distribution segment.
Positive electronics: it is really available
The interview given to “Zhazhda” (“Thirst”) business magazine by Sergey Krbashyan, General Manager of the POSITRONICA retail chain.
Dell EMC acknowledges cooperation with MERLION
The manufacturer of IT solutions Dell EMC has given MERLION the "Best retailer of monitors and not only ..." award. The Russian company has been awarded this title for the fourth consecutive year.
MERLION launches new phase of the "Partner Factory" together with the Higher School of Economics
Last year, the partner was the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, this year it will be the Higher School of Economics.
Powercom share in the MERLION portfolio increases by 6% over the past five years
Interview with Anastasia Sokolova, Marketing Director of MERLION, and Andrei Markin, head of the Russian branch of Powercom.
Notebook market develops ambiguously
Special edition CRN №2 (100), April 2017. Tatyana Skokova, distribution director of the MERLION division "Broadline distribution" is among the speakers.
Monitor market "without surprises"
Special edition CRN №2 (100), April 2017.
Variety of trends in the market of desktop computers
Special edition CRN №2 (100), April 2017. Viktoria Tarantina, general manager of the iRU project and Tatyana Skokova, distribution director of the MERLION division "Broadline distribution" are among the speakers.
Tablet market continues to shrink
Special edition CRN №2 (100), April 2017. Tatyana Skokova, distribution director of the MERLION division "Broadline distribution" is among the speakers.
UPS market: tense situation stabilizes? Outside perspective
POSITRONICA commented on the situation in the UPS/ИБП market. Special edition №2 (100), April 2017.
Be legally cool!
MERLION and Microsoft are launching the campaign to support the right, law-abiding approach to software products.
Flagship IT clinic No.999 opens in Moscow
IT clinic No. 999 was opened with of one of the MERLION partners, which has been successfully operating in the Moscow market of computer services for more than 5 years. "I’m sure that the expertise of the partner and his awareness of all the features of this market will ensure the success...
POSITRONICA: financial results of 2016
Nationwide Electronics Retailer POSITRONICA summed up the results of the 2016 financial year. The chain is developed by the largest Broadline Distributor MERLION, and all stores are opened through the franchising system.
MERLION receives the platinum status of Oracle partner
And the prestigious vendor award for the largest transaction on the CIS market in the ExaStack segment.