Philips expands distribution agreement with MERLION to supply push-button phones and smartphones
Philips phones are now available to all distributor partners.
AnalyticsHub entered the TOP-30 of the largest Russian suppliers of data analysis solutions
AnalyticsHub took the 30th place in the ranking of “Largest Data Analysis Solution Providers in Russia 2019” prepared by CNews as part of the “Analytics 3.0 - 2020” review.
MERLION Signs New Agreement With Apple
Now the distributor delivers the entire range of Apple products to Russia.
MERLION revenue for the first year exceeded 300 billion rubles
According to the results of fiscal 2019, the company's revenue increased by 23% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 331.5 billion rubles.
AnalyticsHub summed up the first year of work
Moscow - May 8, 2020, AnalyticsHub (Analytics Hub LLC), a member of the Merlion Group, celebrated its first year in the Russian big data analytics market, for which it entered into more than 20 partnership agreements and launched a number of pilot projects.
MERLION has integrated the Buy with Sberbank online lending service into the ACERonline store
Now, buyers will be able to purchase goods on credit without leaving home.
Huawei noted the results of cooperation with MERLION
Vendor named its best associates. MERLION is among them.
POSITRONICA in the Data Insight rating “Top-100 of the largest online stores in Russia”
Now the MERLION retail franchise project is on the 67th line of the rating.
MERLION introduced a range of effective solutions for remote work
The company offers partners a set of software solutions that will allow employers to quickly and efficiently transfer employees to remote work.
MERLION and Hyundai Introduce New Product Groups
Now, in addition to televisions, audio, and video equipment, household appliances are represented in the brand's product portfolio.
IRU is among the founders of a consortium of computer manufacturers created in Russia
The activities of ACO "VT" will aim at developing the industry, creating conditions for the formation of national champions.
POSITRONICA Nationwide Electronics Retailer Summed up the Results of Fiscal Year 2019
Franchising network for the year increased the number of orders by 30%.
MERLION Given Eaton Award
The vendor noted the results of cooperation with a distributor in 2019 and awarded it as a sales leader in line-interactive segment solutions.
CEO of High Energy, Pavel Savransky, is the National Prize Laureate «Data Centers.RF» 2019-2020 in the «Person of the Year» nomination
This is the company's representative second victory in the four-year history of the award.
MERLION, The Best Distributor of the Year 2019 according to the audience
For the fifteenth consecutive year, the company has been awarded this status following the iXBT Brand - Readers' Choice poll.
iRU is in the top five again by desktop PCs supply
iRU continues to occupy the fourth position in the Russian market, according to the IDC analytic report (fourth quarter of 2019). online store revenue has grown 40 times over the year
Computer equipment manufacturer Acer and the MERLION group of companies summed up the work of a joint project, the official online store, for the calendar year 2019.
ТМ «Bureaucrat» Is the Laureate of the National Golden Clip Paper Award
The brand became the winner in the “Folders and other products from soft plastic” category.
The new partner of MerliOnCloud is from the top 20 largest Russian IT companies
TEGRUS, a system integrator developing its portfolio of cloud services, became an official partner.

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