MERLION Opens its Cloud Software Supermarket
MERLION Group recently rolled out its proprietary marketplace to distribute cloud-based software. The group acquired Velvica, the billing system developer, specially for this purpose.
The largest TV manufacturer in China has sent a delegation to Russia
In summer, TCL sent a delegation of more than one dozen top managers to Russia for the first time. The media coverage of their trip was entrusted to a team of foreign journalists and the Russian publisher Finestreet.
Digital Transformation in Distribution (Part 2)
An article about the transformation of marketing currently being performed by Russian distributors. Among the speakers is Anastasia Sokolova, Marketing Director of MERLION.
Eraser? Don`t bet on it!
Svetlana Baskakova (Director for Procurement (office supplies and business gifts) at MERLION) told the Business Class Perm newspaper about the latest trends in the market of office supplies.
Digital Transformation in Distribution
An article about the transformation of marketing currently being performed by Russian distributors. Among the speakers is Anastasia Sokolova, Marketing Director of MERLION.
Discussing key problems in a fast-changing world
CRN/RE editors published an article to cover the highlights of the annual round-table conference. Among other speakers, MERLION CEO Dmitry Vinogradov.
Software market grows due to exchange rate and import substitution policy
Among others, CRN/RE article quotes Mikhail Stepanyuk, MERLION’S Software Department Director.
Perm State University will train specialists for MERLION
Students specializing in “Applied mathematics and computer science” and in “Fundamental computer science and information technologies” will take part in the project.
Together we’ll be more efficient
MERLION wants to develop a scholarship programme for PSU students
Russia’s largest electronics distributor MERLION started selling coffee
MERLION electronics distributor included packaged coffee in its range of wholesale products. This appears to be the first food commodity within the company’s catalog over 26 years. The distributor hopes that customers will be buying coffee along with coffee machine filters and other home appliances.
Positronica announced appointment of new general manager
The top manager will continue to develop the omnichannel strategy ensuring that online sales grow further and enhancing commercial efficiency.
Russia’s Employers: “IT Clinics”
Alexander Fedorov, General Director of MERLION’s “IT Clinics” Project, told how to create and manage a big multi-branch company in an interview to
2017 PFD Consumer Market Review by “Realnoe Vremya” online newspaper
As an expert, POSITRONICA told about the actual situation in the consumer market in the Privolzhsky Federal District.
Desktop market on the rise
Among other speakers, Viktoria Tarantina, General Project Manager for iRU, answers questions about the Russian PC market.
Distributors examine new market sectors
Among other speakers, who answer questions related to AI and the Internet of Things is Anastasia Sokolova, Marketing Director, MERLION.
Micromax: at MERLION’s only!
The biggest Indian manufacturer of smartphones, Micromax Company, has signed an agreement with MERLION Company on exclusive distribution.
MERLION has determined specific features of national gifts
Svetlana Baskakova (Procurement Director of lines of activity “Office stationery” and “Business gifts” of MERLION Company) told how to impress a foreign guest.
It is important for us to offer only sought-after, high-quality and unique goods to our clients
Departmental portal has questioned opinion leaders proceeding from exhibition “Skrepka 2018” results. Pavel Sugrobov, Head of Department of sales of stationery and office goods of MERLION Company was among the speakers.
Quality and external view of produce has become no less important for the present-day buyer
Svetlana Baskakova has shared her impressions about the conducted departmental exhibition “Skrepka 2018”
Employers of Moscow Region: “Bureaucrat”
Olga Dyakonova, Sales Manager of Branch “Furniture” of MERLION company, informed web portal about the amount of contribution into manufacturing process performed by staff members.
Is there life on Mars?
An article by CRN/RE about a situation on regional IT-retail market. Among speakers – Tatyana Skokova, distribution director of Wide-range division of MERLION company
Boys go to the left side, girls go to the right side
Svetlana Baskakova, Purchasing director in “Office supplies” and “Business gifts” disciplines of MERLION, told to GIFT REVIEW trade journal about gifts devoted to gender holidays.
MERLION: give all the best to the partners
Dmitry Vinogradov, Director General of MERLION company, told CRN edition of how they succeed to secure loyalty of their partners combining, as it would seem, the incompatible, as well as of what is MERLION company today and in what direction it plans to develop in the nearest future.
We have very ambitious goals. We plan to increase the share of presence in the market due to production optimization as a whole
Olga Diakonova, Manager of Sales Department of area of focus “Furniture” of tradename “Byurokrat”, told “Industriya Mebeli” magazine about results of 2017.