Merlion will be able to supply any Apple equipment to Russia
Russian distributor Merlion announced the signing of an additional agreement with Apple under the existing contract. The document gives the distributor an opportunity to supply all Apple products to the Russian market.
Are laser printers preferable to MFPs?
The authors of the article asked this question to market experts. Among them is Tatyana Skokova, Distribution Director, Broadline Distribution Division, MERLION.
Retailers say stocks allow to keep electronics prices stable
At the same time, Merlion distribution company noted that Russian consumers might face price increases due to ruble rate drop.
EDO: Russian proverbs and sayings as a mirror of the IT market
The editorial office of CRN asked distributors and partners how they are going through the process of switching to electronic document management.
MERLION expands the concept of distribution in IT: from deliveries to b2b services
Dmitry Vinogradov, CEO of MERLION, will tell us how to successfully transform the existing large distribution business and which development model is the most promising today.
What will surprise the electronics and home appliances market in 2020
The editors of RBC Pro conducted a survey of leading market players. Among the experts who provided their forecasts are Tatyana Skokova, Distribution Director of the “Wide Profile Distribution” division of MERLION company, and Konstantin Dessler, distribution director of the “Household Appliances and Electronics” division of MERLION company.

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