MERLION shares in capital of PRO IT

The partnership between a VAD-distributor and one of the leading developers of customized IT solutions is intended to strengthen the positions of both companies in state and commercial market niches.
17 october 2017

MERLION, one of the leading companies in the Value Added Distribution market in Russia, has announced its sharing in the capital of PRO IT specializing in the development of customized software products and information systems of different complexity and scope and offering a range of related services. The deal was closed under MERLION’s strategic program to develop the VAD segment and to strengthen its leading positions in this segment. Widening partnership relations between MERLION and PRO IT will not affect the management structure and partner obligations of the system integrator. PRO IT will continue its current operations and development as the MERLION’s strategic partner towards successful implementation of all the obligations taken on earlier.

PRO IT is a company with a long history and extensive experience in computerization of commercial companies and state authorities in different regions of the Russian Federation, including Moscow. For the time being, PRO IT offers a range of solutions that cover all basic needs of private businesses and state organizations in terms of informatization and automation of key processes. PRO IT development team has broad experience in forming, implementation, and modernization of information and analysis systems as well as recording and financial systems, content-heavy websites and mobile apps for any software platforms. Available task-oriented expertise allows to quickly estimate problems that customers have to deal with, and to use knowledge and experience gained in similar projects. PRO IT customers include multiple state organizations. This allows the company to develop the know-how related to interagency document workflow management. The collaboration with well-known commercial companies in different industries allows to accomplish missions related to the automation of business processes based on best practices of Russian businesses.

“Using customized software solutions developed with regard to specific requirements of Russian state organization or commercial companies defines the efficiency of the entire automation process to a large extent”, General director of MERLION Dmitry Vinogradov comments on. – PRO IT offers the expertise that allows to develop customized IT systems as fast as possible, using best practices available in the industry”. In its turn, as a distributor, MERLION has the most extensive range of IT solutions which may be used as the basis to develop software and hardware complexes at any level of complexity. MERLION also has a logistic structure to deliver such solutions to end users.

Therefore, strengthening partnership relations between our companies will allow to improve the quality of PRO IT projects because we are trying to select task-oriented equipment. Besides, the experience of one of the leading software developers in Russia combined with the experience available to MERLION due to close cooperation with all largest IT developers will improve the reliability and efficiency of integrated solutions being developed.

Andrey Selyanin, PRO IT co-founder, comments on: “The partnership with MERLION strengthens our leading positions in the field of development of unique customized IT solutions and automation of operations of government agencies and commercial companies. Competencies of the leading VAD distributor's technical staff as well as logistic resources and capabilities of MERLION’s supply channel open new realms to widen a range of projects and to accomplish more sophisticated and complex missions required by our existing and potential customers. We're sure professionalism of our team along with capabilities of the company leading on the Value Added Distribution market will allow us to strengthen the existing advantages and expand our presence on a fast-developing IT market in Russia”.