Zyxel awarded MERLION for the rapid growth in sales

The distributor has become a leader in the number of devices sold.
08 february 2019

Zyxel, one of the global leaders in the market of Internet access systems providing network equipment to telecommunications and service providers, business and home users, awarded MERLION for the rapid growth in sales according to the results of the year 2018. Last year, the distributor took first place among ZyXEL partners in the number of devices sold in Russia.

"Sales of Zyxel products and solutions through the MERLION channel in 2018 increased by 85% in comparison with the year 2017", said Dmitry Tanyukhin, Russia/CIS Channel Head at Zyxel. "The Russian team of the company is pleased to see such impressive performance, especially in the segment of online trading where MERLION annual growth has approached 260%! At the same time, the distributor team manages to increase its project sales, both in Moscow and in the regions of Russia. We are grateful to our direct partner for such significant support of  Zyxel business in 2018 and we are very optimistic about the future."

It's worth mentioning that MERLION and Zyxel signed a distribution agreement in 2010. The indefinite contract covered the whole range of the manufacturer's products. At the moment of signing the agreement, MERLION already had the status of the Golden resale partner of Zyxel, and after the company had received distribution it became one of the key direct partners of the vendor in the Russian market.

Zyxel is one of the trendsetters in the segment of access systems and network infrastructure solutions. Together with MERLION, the manufacturing company was one of the first ones who started active promotion of convenient centralized systems with cloud management, a single console, the ability to automatically deploy as well as a wide range of useful tools for network analysis, operation and configuration log keeping in Russia.

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