POSITRONICA: February Openings

Digest of new store openings in February 2019.
06 march 2019

The Federal chain of electronics stores POSITRONIKA announces the opening of three store units in a full format and POINT format (pickup and ordering point) in February 2019. Stores began operating in Omsk (Siberian Federal District), Magadan (Far Eastern Federal District) and Makhachkala (North Caucasian Federal District). All units meet the corporate standards of the POSITRONICA chain and offer a wide range of equipment and electronics (about 40,000 items).


Omsk, Siberian Federal District

The first POINT format store unit for pickup and ordering in the city is located at the following address: 22/1, Pereleta St., and occupies a retail area of 50 sq. m. The store's product range is represented by mobile electronics, accessories and related products. Additional services include home delivery (small-sized goods – to the apartment, large-sized ones – to the entrance of an apartment building), setting up equipment and installing programs as well as credit sales and installments.

Magadan Far Eastern Federal District

POINT opened at the address: 2, Dzerzhinskogo St., Pav. 21 (shopping mall "Premium"). The retail area of pickup and ordering point is 50 sq. m. The store's product range is represented by mobile phones and smartphones, accessories, portable speakers and much more. After placing an order, customers can take advantage of additional services: home delivery or favorable credit terms. 

At the moment, the store in Magadan has become the fifth store unit opened in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, North Caucasian Federal District

The full-format store began its operations at the address: 63, Magomed Gadzhiev St. The retail area is 100 sq. m. The range includes popular products that are in demand among the public: large and small household appliances, mobile electronics, PCs and laptops, TVs and accessories. Sale assistants can not only give professional advice to customers but also set up equipment and install programs for a small additional fee. If desired, visitors to the store can buy goods on credit or by installments as well as take advantage of delivery.

The partner of the Company is DagMediaService which joined the Federal project in 2017 with an opening of a full-format store in Botlikh.

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