MerliONCloud announces the launch of official sales of IBM cloud solutions

IBM SPSS (statistical analysis solution) and IBM Watson Studio (platform for creating and teaching AI models) have become available to the Russian b2b market.
17 april 2019

MerliONCloud announces the launch of official sales of IBM cloud solutions

MERLION, the leading Russian VAD distributor, announces the start of sales of two products: IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription and IBM WATSON Studio Desktop Subscription, as part of the development of the MerliONCloud platform. It is already possible to test and purchase IBM solutions as a feature on the service page and from MerliONCloud partners: SOFT INC., FIELD-IT, ITSDelta.

“For us, the start of sales of IBM products is an important step in the development of cloud distribution,” Yulia Pechnikova, Head of MERLION’s VAD Business Development Department, says. “IBM is one of the world leaders developing subscription-based cloud products through showcases, and MerliONCloud is the very platform that will help the corporation strengthen its position in the promising segments of the Russian market.”

IBM SPSS Statistics is statistical software that allows you to solve many research and business problems using special analysis tools, hypotheses testing, geospatial and predictive analysis. IBM SPSS Statistics is used to analyze data and trends, predict and plan, test assumptions, and produce sound conclusions. The solution can be useful for analysts, managers, heads of sales, IT, etc.

The benefits of subscribing to IBM services as opposed to purchasing them are all the features of a regular license with a flexible payment option, including a simple process of acquiring, managing, and licensing. By acquiring a service subscription, you can change the number of users and transfer services to other devices, while all users are informed about updates and new features using push notifications.

Another vendor solution available on MerliONCloud is IBM Watson Studio. It is a platform for creating and training AI models, as well as for preparing and analyzing data in a flexible hybrid cloud environment. Watson Studio provides convenient tools for teamwork with data, creating models and learning them in full. In Watson Studio Desktop, users can prepare data and create models, both offline and through an Internet connection, allowing them to connect to other data sources. In this case, data sets are stored on personal computers.

IBM Watson Studio contains visual modeling tools for those who dislike programming. One additional SPSS Modeler module has a simple and easy-to-use interface targeted at everyone — from business users to data analytics experts — and helps you quickly extract valuable ideas by creating visual models with the mouse. Another additional module is Neural Network Modeler with a simple and convenient graphical interface for developing neural network structures, which speeds up development eliminating the need to manually write and debug code.

MerliONCloud will additionally report further supplements to the portfolio by other products of this manufacturer.

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