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Selection of articles: professional panels, monitors, PCs, projectors, tablet computers, laptops, printers.
17 april 2019


LFD market is one of the most attractive in the Russian IT market

According to ITResearch analytical company, in the Russian market of LFD (professional displays with a diagonal of 32–98 inches), 53.8 thousand panels worth $189 million were sold in 2018. Compared to 2017, this corresponds to an annual growth rate of 23 % in kind and 19 % in money. These figures are not including the second wave of the megaproject of deliveries to Moscow schools (12.2 thousand 86-inch Irbis solutions in 2018, plus 7.9 thousand in 2017), which ITResearch, due to their anomaly, did not consider in the analysis of the regular market.

Russian monitor market continues to show good dynamics

ITResearch analytical company announced sales of monitors in the Russian market in 2018. In total, 3.3 million monitors were sold for the year totaling $536 million. Compared to 2017, the growth was 17 % and 16 % respectively. This is slightly lower than the growth rate of 2017/2016, but still the market continued a wave of rapid recovery, which was mainly due to the need to update the huge installed base of outdated devices supplied 10 years ago.

4K segment: the growth point of the projector market

ITResearch analytical company announced sales of projectors in the Russian market in 2018. A total of 122.4 thousand projectors were sold in Russia for 2018 in the amount of $136.6 million. The market dynamics in units amounted to +12.7 %, and a little more in money: +15.8 %. This is due to a slight increase in the weighted average cost of the projectors, which amounted to about 1,116 dollars. Among the main technological trends, ITResearch analysts note the continuing progress in the 4K projectors segment.

Tablet PC market will continue to fall

ITResearch analytical company presented its forecast estimates for the Russian tablet computer market for 2019. According to the analysts, this segment expects a further decline this year. Moreover, it will be even higher than at the end of 2018. Whereas in the past year, according to ITResearch estimates, the segment showed a decline of about 10 %, tablet sales will decrease in 2019 by another approximately 20 % and are unlikely to exceed 3 million units per year.

Russian market of printing devices shows a positive trend for the second year

According to ITResearch, an analytical company, the final results for printers and desktop multifunction printers in the Russian market in 2018 were better than expected. The total number of devices sold exceeded 2.3 million units, which is 6.3 % more than in the previous year. Thus, there is a further improvement in market dynamics. Whereas in the last year, summing up the year, the analysts noted that after 5 years of a continuous decline, the decline in the market of printers and desktop multifunction printers stopped in 2017, now we can talk about some moderate but steady growth.

Russian desktop market has maintained double-digit growth rates

According to ITResearch, an analytical company, in 2018, a total of 2,940,000 devices (including desktops and AIO) were sold in the Russian desktop PC market. This is 14 % higher than a year ago by volume. Compared to the last year, when the growth dynamics was almost 20 %, we experience some slowdown, but in general, the Russian desktop computer market has maintained double-digit growth rates.

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