iRU storage systems will be equipped with Russian software RAIDIX

iRU and Raidix signed a partnership agreement aimed at joint development and supply of Russian data storage systems.
15 april 2019


A Russian manufacturer of computer equipment, iRU, and a Russian developer of data storage solutions, Raidix, have signed a partnership agreement aimed at joint development and supply of Russian iRU data storage systems with pre-installed RAIDIX software.

iRU storage systems will be in demand for video surveillance systems, hyperconvergent solutions, as well as in the corporate segment to support CRM and ERP systems, mail and file servers, backup operations, analytics and virtualization.

RAIDIXsoftware will be used as control software in iRU, which is included in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computing machines and databases. RAIDIX software ensures consistently high storage speed and maximum resiliency of storage systems due to the unique RAID arrays levels (RAID N +M, RAID 7.3). Raidix is glad to start partnership and highly appreciates the prospects for joint work, as a result of which a new competitive solution with unique technical characteristics will appear in the market.

The implementation of iRU storage systems runned by RAIDIX software will be implemented by MERLION — the largest full-range distributor.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that, along with data storage systems and software and hardware complexes, the iRU range includes servers of any level of complexity and computer equipment for small, medium businesses and large institutions, as well as for home users. All iRU products are manufactured in Russia.

Raidix company ( is a Russian developer of storage solutions. RAIDIX is successfully used to solve business problems in the corporate sector, media industry, supercomputer projects, video surveillance and other industries.

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