MerliONCloud signed a distribution agreement with SkyDNS for the sale of cloud solutions

MerliOnCloud, a distributor of cloud products and services with experts support will offer through its partners the SkyDNS cloud service for content filtering and Internet security for commercial, governmental and educational institutions.
11 april 2019


MERLION, the leading Russian VAD distributor, has signed a distribution agreement with SkyDNS for the sale of cloud solutions as part of the development of the MerliONCloud platform.

SkyDNS cloud services are designed to protect Internet users from cyber threats and dangerous sites, provide access control and analytics of the use of web resources in corporate networks. Among the SkyDNS solutions, the cloud content filter for educational institutions is most in demand. SkyDNS content filtering helps schools, colleges, colleges, universities and libraries ensure safe access to students on the Internet and comply with the legislation to restrict access to dangerous Internet resources for minors. The combination of safe search technologies, filtering by categories and manually selected educational sites guarantee the educational institutions 100 % lack of complaints from supervisors and reliable protection of children on the Internet.

SkyDNS technologies in the field of cloud-based Internet filtering are in increasing demand in the B2B segment. The SkyDNS service for business provides commercial and government institutions with protection against Internet threats at the network level, and is also a convenient tool for controlling Internet access and analyzing the use of the Internet in corporate networks. SkyDNS solutions are easily scaled and work perfectly in small organizations with a dozen computers, and in large structures with an extensive network of branches, a large number of computers and WiFi points.

The B2C sector will not be ignored either: home users will be able to subscribe to the parental control service with annual or monthly payments. SkyDNS parental control not only protects home devices from getting to virus and phishing sites, but also individually configure a truly safe and comfortable Internet access for each family member.

To implement SkyDNS solutions, the service was integrated into the distributor’s online platform. Now customers can easily subscribe to the service in their personal accounts, control the payment process and receive technical support directly from specialists. SkyDNS are confident about the prospects of the new cooperation and hope that MerliONCloud will become one of the company’s key partners in the Russian cloud services market.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that MERLION and SkyDNS have been cooperating for more than two years: in the distributor’s portfolio, the vendor’s products are represented from August 2016 and all this time is in good demand by b2b partners.

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