MERLION and Schreder signed a distribution agreement

Partners intend to promote smart solutions for automated lighting, security, and analytics space for cities, transportation hubs, shopping centres, university campuses, industrial zones, and tourist attractions.
29 april 2019

MERLION и Schreder подписали дистрибьюторское соглашение

MERLION signed a distribution agreement with the manufacturer of Schreder lighting equipment.

Schreder manufactures a wide range of smart devices for street and road lighting, which are used to create illumination in parks and recreation areas, to illuminate buildings, industrial buildings, and other objects. In addition to lighting devices, Schreder develops and manufactures unique lighting poles in a modular design, Smart Poles.

As part of the collaborative work, MERLION and Schreder intend to promote Smart Poles, lighting solutions that combine the elements of lighting, security, and space analytics in one product. The main functions include a lighting control system, video surveillance and video analytics, face, vehicle, and vehicle recognition system, Wi-Fi access, emergency button, and light alarm. Video analysis allows you to count the number of people, analyze the traffic situation, parking spaces, and determine the violation of boundaries. With Wi-Fi’s help, it is possible to analyze the time spent in one place and the number of connections, and the structure of a heat map.

This equipment is already used in several countries. In particular, smart poles were installed during the modernization of the Milton Kinks stadium in the UK. Similar equipment provides lighting and security for Dune Arena in Budapest, a space equipped for international water sports competitions. In Toulouse, smart poles are installed on one of the city squares; in Brussels, these devices illuminate the surroundings of a famous shopping centre.

Plans to modernize the infrastructure in Russia, which imply the creation of safe and energy-efficient environment for work and leisure, open up prospects for the implementation of Schreder solutions in various regions. MERLION, having a wide channel for promoting high-tech products, expects to become a strategic partner of the manufacturer. 

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