online store revenue has grown 40 times over the year

Computer equipment manufacturer Acer and the MERLION group of companies summed up the work of a joint project, the official online store, for the calendar year 2019.
21 february 2020

The revenue of online brand shop increased by 40 times in 2019 compared to 2018. The assortment of the store has more than 1,300 commodity items. The most popular products are ultrabooks, transformer laptops, gaming laptops, monitors, and accessories.

In the official online store, you can always find exclusive models and series that are not offered by other retail and online vendor partners. So, in 2019, Acer introduced a new line of ConceptD products for people with creative professions, which is exclusively available at

Also, the official store sells such unique solutions as Thronos that costs 2,499,000 rubles. This is a mechanized gaming chair for real e-sportsmen and thrill-seekers. Currently, all seats are sold out, and the delivery of a new model is expected.

Recall that the project began work in 2018. The development of services, organizational and technical support of the online store are carried out by MERLION specialists together with the Russian representative office of Acer. Distributor employees also assist in marketing the project.

“MERLION is becoming a service company that can provide the maximum range of B2B services. For example, we have been implementing retail projects for vendors in a wide variety of formats from mono-brand stores to developing an affiliate network for many years,” commented Anastasia Sokolova, Marketing Director at MERLION. The successful development of the project was made possible thanks to the effective work together with the vendor’s representatives and our many years of experience in creating and promoting e-commerce projects.”

“2019 was marked by high-profile releases of new products and the expansion of our product offer. is a striking example of direct interaction between the buyer and the manufacturer. We are sensitive to all the wishes of our customers and constantly improve the service. Plans for 2020 include expanding the store’s assortment, as well as selling related products not only under its own brands, but also from third-party manufacturers,” says Ekaterina Tsareva, Acer’s Marketing Director in Russia.

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