POSITRONICA Nationwide Electronics Retailer Summed up the Results of Fiscal Year 2019

Franchising network for the year increased the number of orders by 30%.
09 april 2020


The POSITRONICA nationwide electronics retailer, a successful project of the largest distributor, MERLION (since 2006), has summed up the results of the fiscal year 2019. At the moment, all stores in the network are launched and operate according to the franchising system.

Last year, the retailer opened over 60 stores, including full-size ones and points of delivery and execution of online orders, POINT. The share of offline and online formats was approximately equal.

The total project revenue for fiscal year 2019 amounted to 12.5 billion rubles. The average POSITRONICA network check has grown a little to 9,860 rubles. The share of online sales amounted to 25% of the turnover of the entire network, while the number of orders for the year increased by 30%. These indicators grew amid optimization of the online store, improved user interface, as well as the introduction of online lending.

The top 3 most popular product groups among buyers remained the same as in 2018, but their order has changed, now they are arranged as follows: "TV sets", "Laptops" and "Cell phones and smartphones". The top 10 famous brands among buyers are as follows: Acer, Apple, Asus, DELL, HP, Intel, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, TCL (listed in alphabetical order).

At the beginning of the calendar year, a new product group appeared in the positronica.ru online store, "Household goods". This will allow buyers who purchase household appliances for the home to buy a complete set of products. Besides, this PG will be useful to legal entities that provide the office with consumables and household chemicals.

“Next year we will continue the trend of increasing the number of outlets. Now we need to build on the current situation, but we hope that our almost 15 years of experience will help preserve and increase what we have,” says Alexey Gribovsky, general manager of POSITRONICA.

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