AnalyticsHub summed up the first year of work

Moscow - May 8, 2020, AnalyticsHub (Analytics Hub LLC), a member of the Merlion Group, celebrated its first year in the Russian big data analytics market, for which it entered into more than 20 partnership agreements and launched a number of pilot projects.
08 may 2020


AnalyticsHub was created and registered in April 2019 by a group of Russian top managers with many years of experience in the American corporation Teradata, which created technologies for massive parallel processing and analysis of large volumes of data.

Thanks to its unique expertise and long-standing professional ties in the field of analytics and digitalization of business in banks, retail, state and real sectors, the AnalyticsHub team managed to achieve significant success over the year. So, in the summer of 2019, the first contract was signed with one of the federal government agencies, as well as contracts were signed and pilot projects were launched with several leading corporations in the fuel and energy complex and industry.

In its strategy, AnalyticsHub relies on creating a unique partnership landscape with leaders in innovative solutions and new generation platform vendors that allow the company to offer a hybrid stack of analytical solutions and services to target Russian customers. In the second half of 2019, AnalyticsHub signed several important partnership agreements for itself, and by now there are already more than 20 partnerships in the company's arsenal. The partners of AnalyticsHub include such significant global players in the data analytics market as IBM, SAS, Exasol, Alation, Alteryx and others, as well as developers of the domestic platforms, Arenadata and Polymatica.

In addition, the company officially represents AlphaZetta international consulting network in Russia and the CIS, which brings together independent experts in data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence from 45 countries and provides access to the best world practices, resources and educational programs of the Academy of Analytics with the same name. According to the experts of AnalyticsHub, analytics and training of personnel in the field of data management will be in demand on the market as an anti-crisis management tool, especially in adverse conditions known to all of us.

Undoubtedly, participation of a strategic investor represented by the Merlion Group, which officially announced the launch of this startup on the eve of the annual MERLION IT Solutions Summit 2019 in Skolkovo, which focused on the digital agenda related to big data analysis, machine learning, was a critical success factor in creating AnalyticsHub and artificial intelligence.

“I am grateful to our “business angel”, the Merlion group, for their support and reliable partnership. We are focused on developing our business and promoting solutions in the field of data analytics, ” says Angelina Gurkina, CEO of AnalyticsHub, in her address to employees. - I can confidently say that the AnalyticsHub team has unique expertise, qualifications, experience and knowledge.We are growing and developing. Today, AnalyticsHub is a team of professionals who are distinguished by an individual approach to technologies and customers and high qualifications in their subject area.”

AnalyticsHub is not going to stop there and looks forward with confidence. The company plans for the next few years to gain a leading position in the Russian market of data analytics, as well as to develop and promote technological solutions, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.

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