iRU is one of the five leaders in the supply of desktop PCs in Russia

iRU continues to occupy the fourth position in the Russian market, according to the analytical report of the IDC company (second quarter of 2020).
24 august 2020


At the end of the second quarter of 2020, iRU company once again entered the top 5 leaders in the supply of desktop PCs in Russia. According to an analytical report by IDC Russia (an international research and consulting company that studies the global market for information technology and telecommunications), iRU ranks fourth among the desktop segment's key brands.

The article entitled "The Russian PC market in the second quarter of 2020 significantly exceeded analysts' expectations" notes that according to IDC PC Quarterly Tracker, about 1.49 million desktop and laptop computers were delivered to Russia during this period, which is 30.1 % more than in the same period in 2019 and significantly exceeds the forecast for the beginning of the second quarter. The share of consumer laptop models increased by 3%, and consumer desktop models - by 6% compared to the first quarter of the year. These indicators correlate well with the increased purchasing activity in May-June in the non-food sector (according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, sales in the sector grew by 5.2% in May).

"The main drivers of growth were remote work and training, deferred demand, and traditional investments of the population in electronics during the crisis. Plus, laptops have become significantly more personal devices in families. The main demand was for high-performance models with Intel® Core ™ i5 and AMD Ryzen ™ 5 processors, as well as gaming models. A third of laptop shipments and more than half of desktop shipments came from models for corporate customers. This fact is the basis for restrained optimism for many market players,” said Dmitry Ilyin, senior analyst at IDC.

The five leaders of the Russian market of personal computers included the following companies: Lenovo (21.7% of all PCs delivered in the quarter), HP Inc. (20.6%), Acer Group (16.5%), ASUS (14.7%), and Dell Technologies (4.6%).

In the second quarter, desktop PCs' shipments increased by 1.6% year-on-year to 432,000, with All-in-One devices being the most popular. HP Inc., Lenovo, and Acer lead the list of leaders in the desktop segment, and the last among the five leaders are iRU (4th place) and DELL Technologies (5th).

The laptop segment increased by 47.0% compared to the second quarter of 2019. Deliveries amounted to 1.059 million units. The largest number of laptops delivered to the Russian market during the reporting period were produced under the Lenovo brand. ASUS, HP Inc., Acer Group, and Apple are also among the top five vendors in this market segment.

“In the third quarter of 2020, the upward trend in shipments will continue in the personal computer market due to fears of a second wave of COVID-19, and will grow by 18.9%. In the fourth quarter, the growth in shipments will be replaced by a decline of 4.0%, but the PC market will end the year with 9.0% growth. In 2021, the market will continue to decline and will return to moderate growth no earlier than 2022. The dynamics will be determined by the saturation of consumer demand and a further drop in the population's real incomes and cash reserves," comments Dmitry Ilyin.

It is worth noting that iRU maintains its position in the TOP-5 suppliers of desktop computers almost every quarter over the past years.

The text was prepared based on an official announcement by IDC Russia.

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