Merlion is the official distributor of SpaceVM, the domestic cloud platform

2 may 2023

The distributor`s software portfolio was supplemented with three space virtualization solutions from the Russian developer.



Merlion has signed a distribution agreement with DAKOM M LLC, a Russian developer of space virtualization systems and an R&D center that conducts applied research and development of innovative solutions based on cloud technologies.

The range of domestic software products presented in the Merlion portfolio was supplemented by the vendor's leading development, SpaceVM, which is a comprehensive cloud platform for deploying a full-fledged private cloud in the corporate environment with the necessary additional tools for automation and orchestration of the cloud services. The solution helps reduce data center costs, increase the uptime of systems and applications, and greatly simplify the work of the IT department in the data center.

Merlion partners also have access to the Space VDI desktop virtualization platform and client software for accessing Space Client virtual desktops.

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