MERLION has become the official distributor of TRODAT Company in Russia

TRODAT is an Austrian company, leader in the stamping products and consumables manufacturing.
06 december 2018

MERLION has signed the distribution agreement with TRODAT - the world leader in the stamping products and consumables manufacturing, the Austrian subsidiary of “Trodat Gmbh” in Russia.

TRODAT Company was founded in Vienna in 1912, when Franz Yust set up a small stamp manufacturing plant. In 1947, the production of plastic stamps with a date called TRODAT began, as well as the stamps distribution to other manufacturers in Austria and the first shipments to Germany and Switzerland. After four years, the whole manufacturing was transferred to Wels in order to increase the production volume and activate export – primarily, to European countries.

The trademark was registered in 1960, and, in 1968, TRODAT became the name of the company. In 1976, the first plastic stamp with automatic dyeing was manufactured; it quickly became a bestseller, revolutionizing the whole industry.

TRODAT has been actively growing for decades and has become a leader in the global market for self-inking stamps. And today, together with Trotec Company, it sets the tone for the use of laser technology: engraving, marking and cutting. The Trodat Trotec Concern is the only manufacturer of automatic equipment with such an experience; Concern incorporates over 35 international subsidiaries. More than 1,350 employees of the Concern work in different countries. TRODAT and its subsidiaries offer everything related to the subject of stamps in their product range.

TRODAT serves customers in more than 150 countries, and its export share is over 98%. The company is a leader in the market and in the field of the industry’s innovative technologies, and it also defines the tendencies in the global market. It is very important for existing products to become even better in terms of functionality and design - therefore, TRODAT works in constant cooperation with its own team of engineers and researchers and international design bureaus in order to develop new ideas and implement them.

TRODAT is the first and only stamping products manufacturing company represented on the Russian market through its subsidiary. TRODAT products are available for order at MERLION since November 2018. To make a purchase, you can use the B2B website or contact your manager at MERLION.