MerliONCloud and Business Ecosystems have launched a cloud service for technical support

IT-infrastructure management solutions developer, the Russian company Business Ecosystems, has placed its main product - BE Console Management System (CMS) - on the MerliONCloud marketplace. The BE CMS cloud service is called «Be.Cloud». MERLION has become the official distributor of the Be.Cloud service in Russia and the CIS countries.
05 december 2018

Be.Cloud will add flexibility to organizations by reducing their capital costs and the service time for providing technical support to users and the workstations service time. This is achieved by quick launch of the service infrastructure in a scalable cloud environment. Placing the Be.Cloud service on the MerliONCloud platform allows to get a full range of maintenance, migration, implementation and consulting services for switching to Be.Cloud. The components of Be.Cloud are included in the domestic software register of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (registration numbers 4184 and 4105).

Benefits of the Cloud Technical Support Tool

Cost reduction and increased mobility for business are added to the advantages of BE CMS (such as wide range of functions that are designed to reduce the average time for providing technical support to user, and to reduce the risks of information security). Now, within a few minutes, you can get a quality tool for solving the problems that arise during the technical support provision and the workstations infrastructure management.

Be.Cloud Service has inherited a powerful management console from BE CMS that allows administrators to easily and securely manage thousands of workstations, terminals and servers at the operating system level. The list of available administrative tools includes: desktop connection to user’s session, file system management, task manager and command line in the background, software and hardware inventory. The information security subsystem allows to record the administrators’ actions securely, and to implement role-based access models of any complexity. Accountability module allows in-depth analysis of the technical support provision data and information security events.

Be.Cloud usage scenarios are focused on technical support for the computers that are not connected to the corporate network with Internet access. These include small groups of computers, terminals, and users’ personal computers. Be.Cloud is optimized for the work on low-quality channels (including mobile and satellite communications). It is the cloud tool that will be effective in providing technical support to employees working on the computers of the new enterprises during the mergers and acquisitions period. The tool allows centralizing and unifying management of the workstations located in different Active Directory domains.

Denis Khleborodov, Business Ecosystems CEO, said:

“On-premise product deployment scenarios are still in demand, especially on the Russian market, but at the same time the demand for cloud services is growing too. It is caused by the business’ need to be flexible for the changes, to quickly and efficiently solve new technical support tasks, minimizing information security risks. Such needs, in particular, are met by Be.Cloud service. The uniqueness of such service lies in the wide range of management functions aimed at meeting the needs of large customers, the management functions are now accessible from the cloud. "

Unique opportunities for customers and partners

MerliONCloud platform meets the latest requirements for the cloud services distribution, and offers new opportunities for clients and partners, expanding the concept of “Cloud” and creating a digital service ecosystem.

The uniqueness of the MERLION’s approach to building a network of the cloud products providers lies in minimizing partner costs. To this end, a distributor, within the framework of MerliONCloud, provides access to the billing platform that automates all the necessary workflow, connection and charging of cloud services, as well as reports generation. At the same time, the technical capabilities of the platform satisfy both the requirements of service providers and their customers. MerliONCloud allows using the Be.Cloud service within minutes after a customer has selected the product.

Subscription allows quick and flexible Be.Cloud service costs managing in accordance with the Pay As You Go strategy (paying only for necessary needs).

Anton Salov, MerliONCloud Project Manager, noted:

"Business Ecosystems has a reputation for a reliable partner among the manufacturers of IT infrastructure management solutions. Cooperation with Business Ecosystems in the distribution of MerliONCloud cloud services is one of the most significant in the portfolio of Russian infrastructure solutions. It should be noted that our partners, who sell Be.Cloud, will be able to provide additional business continuity services and IT-outsourcing services to their customers, creating additional value. "