MerliONCloud and e.Queo has launched a program for the implementation of the corporate training system

Team management modules allow the manager to monitor the progress of team members during the courses as well as to encourage the best ones.
14 march 2019

MerliONCloud и e.Queo

MERLION, the leading Russian VAD distributor, together with e.Queo is launching a joint cloud project in the field of employee training based on the mobile application e.Queo. The product will be jointly launched for the regional market of Russia and CIS countries on the MerliONCloud platform. MERLION will act as the largest official distributor of the solution.

Alexey Vagin, Director General of e.Queo, said: "Launching this direction, we have been based on the long-term experience of MERLION and partner companies in joint product implementation for the companies of Federal and regional levels as well as in the automation of product integration processes of various scales. The MerliONCloud platform is interesting to us as a provider of various solutions and as a new opportunity for the development of Cloud systems in the Russian market. At the moment MerliONCloud is the most interesting project in the industry and corresponds to the advanced solutions of cloud products distribution".

"Mobile learning is obviously a trend, and we are pleased to provide our partners and their customers with an opportunity to use modern and innovative solutions for business development," Anton Salov, MerliONCloud Project Manager, added.

Purchase of the e.Queo service is available on the service page

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