MERLION became Corning’s official distributor in Russia

Optical and copper solutions for data centers, backbone and corporate SCS networks from Corning are already available to MERLION partners.
19 april 2019

MERLION, one of the Russian leaders in VAD distribution, and Corning Optical Communications, one of the leading innovative materials science companies in the world, have signed a distribution agreement. The agreement has already come into effect, MERLION was granted the status of Authorized Distributor, thus becoming Corning’s official distributor in Russia.

Corning Corning is one of the world’s leading innovative materials science companies. For more than one hundred and sixty years (since 1851), Corning has been demonstrating its unrivaled expertise in the field of specialized glass, ceramics and optical physics, and also developing products that have formed new industries and changed people’s lives. Corning owes its success to continuous investment in research and development, unique innovations in materials and processing, and close cooperation with its customers in solving complicated process tasks.

The vendor regards MERLION as a high roller in the Russian market of distribution of structured cabling systems, and Evgeny Achkasov, Head of MERLION’s Network Equipment and Telecom Procurement Department, notes: “In our portfolio in the SCS category, products from 13 vendors are presented; the Corning brand has become an honorable addition and made the range of enterprise solutions available to our partners even more comprehensive. By the way, the fact that SCS takes third place in terms of our turnover and is in the top 10 products in terms of VAD division’s revenue indicates the demand for these products in the b2b channel and the prospects of our cooperation with Corning.”

Corning’s VAD division is ready to provide its partners, in the context of procurement of data center solutions, backbone and corporate networks, with a full range of additional services to support sales and project activities, such as technical expertise by the specialists of the MERLION Engineering technical center, engineering infrastructure design and construction, education of engineers and training on products, design, and specifications.

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