A software and hardware complex from Rosplatform and iRU has been introduced in the administration of the Vladimir region

To work with citizens, for the electronic document management, the official Internet portal, as well as a number of other information systems and services.
03 april 2019

In the administration of the Vladimir region, a software and hardware complex has been introduced, which functions on the basis of iRU servers and a modern domestic hyperconvergent solution from Rosplatform. This hardware and software system is currently being successfully used, including for the operation of components of the regional electronic document management system, the official Internet portal, as well as a number of other information systems and services. Delivery, installation and adjustment of equipment were carried out by Fortis as part of the implementation of the project of the of the modernization of the IT infrastructure implemented by the Vladimir regional administration’s Information, Communication and Telecommunications Committee.

The customer (the administration of the Vladimir region) determined the supplier of equipment on the basis of open tender procedures. In the tender, in addition to the equipment of the Russian brand iRU, the equipment of a foreign brand owned by one of the global IT corporations was considered as an alternative server solution. Due to the use of iRU servers, the supplier was able to offer a set of equipment with significantly higher technical characteristics. This made it possible not only to ensure stable operation of the software and hardware complex even under peak loads, but also to ensure a supply of computing power for solving new tasks over the medium term.

The hardware and software complex installed in the administration of the Vladimir region includes three dual-processor iRU Rock i2216 servers assembled on the basis of Intel Xeon E5 v4 processors. In addition, the cluster includes two Cisco switches with a data transfer rate of 10 Gb/s, APC’s uninterruptible power sources with an active output power of 6000 W. Computing, switching and additional equipment installed in the server cabinet is manufactured by Hyperline. After the installation and testing of the software and hardware complex was completed, the software of Rosplatforma was deployed on it.

Hyper-converged software consisting of R-Virtualization and R-Storage allows you to simultaneously virtualize both the computing power of servers and the internal storage disks.

The main feature of Rosplatform software stuffing is the ability to integrate disparate hardware server resources in a software-defined way and build a fault-tolerant, horizontally scalable IT infrastructure based on conventional hardware with optimal performance in terms of the quality/cost ratio of the final solution,” Vladimir Rubanov, Managing Director of Rosplatforma, notes.

The use of this software and hardware complex has significantly increased the efficiency of both individual application software solutions of the administration of the Vladimir region, and the IT infrastructure as a whole. The successfully implemented project was appreciated by the management, IT professionals and application users. Thus, Pavel Shuba, Deputy Chairman of the Information, Communication and Telecommunications Committee of the Vladimir regional administration, says that “R-Storage and R-Virtualization are powerful enough and reliable software solutions that can really compete with world developers in the field of virtualization.”

About Rosplatforma
Rosplatforma, a Russian developer of server virtualization and distributed data storage software, is the basis for building software-defined and hyper-convergent IT infrastructures, private and public ‘clouds’. Products of the company are included in the Register of Russian software of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation; they are based on world-class technologies that are successfully used to run millions of virtual computers and to store hundreds of petabytes of data around the world.

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