MerliONCloud has become a distributor of domestic cloud service "Charisma" for interactive business presentations

“Charisma” helps to increase the efficiency of the sales department, improves the process of communication between managers and customers, allows the manager to control sellers and personalize offers from their company to customers.
15 may 2019


MERLION, the leading Russian VAD distributor, as part of the MerliONCloud project development, has signed a distribution agreement with CHARISMA and included a new product for the Russian market, “Charisma”, in its portfolio. This is a cloud platform for conducting interactive business presentations, which allows you to expand the toolkit of communication between sales managers with customers and customer service employees with consumer requests. "Charisma" is suitable for companies with a significant share in the business of the commercial service occupied by sales in the form of online communication of sellers with customers or personal meetings.  

"We have created a product for presentations that will not only increase the effectiveness of meetings with clients but also allow managers to control the process of conducting negotiations. Support from a strong partner, MERLION, will allow a large number of companies to improve their business performance through effective presentations using the "Charisma Platform," says Lev Polonuer, Executive Director of CHARISMA.

The advantages of Charisma platform include wide possibilities of demonstration: the client can demonstrate not only the product from all sides but also show an interactive experience of dealing with it, and if it is important to calculate the estimate during the meeting with the client. The platform allows people to implement calculators of all kinds and forms inside the presentation. In addition, the presentation can be combined with postal, bank payment services, and contract registration services.

The platform can be configured to exchange data between the corporate CRM system and the presentation: download the list of clients for meetings and introductory information about the demonstrated product or service. In this case, the online presentation will be able to contact the client by name and fine-tune the set of slides for his needs and interests.

With Charisma, you can close many business processes during a meeting with a client: choosing the right product, demonstrating its characteristics and features, online checking its availability and price, signing the contract, paying and arranging delivery. All of this is reflected online in the company's CRM system, and the order placed almost immediately begins to be packaged and shipped for delivery to a given address, and all this with the help of a single slide presentation.

For executives, the Charisma platform is a new, useful, and interactive tool for controlling merchants. The system saves the statistics of each meeting with clients. The manager can see exactly which slides were shown to the client, how much time the manager devoted to one or another slide, how many clients of the total number of shows reached the final slide, how many received an offer for the post, and what was the result of the meeting. Based on the information received, the head and the manager can change the logic of the material delivery, the design and content of the presentation to get more effect from each meeting and increase their sales.

Anton Salov, MerliONCloud Project Manager: "Charisma Platform is an excellent solution that will allow our partners and their customers to significantly increase the efficiency of the sales process through the use of digital and mobile technologies. We are happy to expand our cloud services portfolio with a simple yet powerful domestic tool."

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