POSITRONICA in the Data Insight rating “Top-100 of the largest online stores in Russia”

Now the MERLION retail franchise project is on the 67th line of the rating.
21 april 2020

The online store of the federal network of POSITRONICA electronics stores, positronica.ru, has again entered the 2019 E-Commerce Index TOP-100, according to Data Insight. The rating includes the 100 largest Russian online stores in terms of online sales for the year. The calculations are based on a comprehensive methodology for rating compilation and data collection, including, among other things, a phased refinement of rating data from representatives of stores themselves. The rating of online stores shows the information on the volume of online sales and the number of orders. By default, companies are sorted by online sales volume.

Data Insight

When forming the rating, the online sales data, the number of orders processed via the Internet, as well as the average check in the online store were taken into account. The franchise project for 2019 showed the volume of online sales in cash - 3.130 billion rubles with an increase of 37% year-on-year. The total number of orders in positronica.ru amounted to 300,000, with an average check of 10,430 rubles. The growth in the number of orders amounted to 30%, while the average check increased by 5%.

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