MERLION and Hyundai Introduce New Product Groups

Now, in addition to televisions, audio, and video equipment, household appliances are represented in the brand's product portfolio.
13 april 2020
MERLION and Hyundai Introduce New Product Groups

MERLION announces the expansion of its Hyundai product groups. Now the distributor’s assortment will include large and small household appliances of the Korean brand. We would like to remind that in September 2017, MERLION began cooperation with Hyundai and received exclusive rights to supply products of a well-known brand.

Now, in addition to a wide range of televisions, audio, and video equipment, the MERLION portfolio will feature a large selection of large and small Hyundai household appliances. Cookers, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, and hobs, as well as blenders, mixers, coffee makers, toasters, irons, grills, and much more - there are about 70 items of high-quality and reliable equipment. The first batch of Hyundai goods has arrived at the MERLION warehouse and is available for order.

Hyundai Corporation was founded in 1976 as a trading house for the export and import of the Hyundai Group. Over time, the company grew into one of Korea’s largest trading companies. Today, Hyundai Corporation has more than 40 large international offices. The success of the corporation is due to its rich experience, accumulated knowledge, and ongoing research, proven trading methods, and excellent financial capabilities that Hyundai Corporation has.

The expansion of Hyundai product groups for MERLION is a significant step towards further development of an already successful and promising direction, and it will significantly expand the range of quality products in the "Home Appliances" category.“Hyundai has long established itself as a reliable Korean brand and is very popular all over the world. A wide range of Hyundai products can satisfy almost all the needs for household appliances, while each product combines high quality, modern technology, and ergonomic design. Hyundai is the technology that it should be in the 21st century, ”- said Konstantin Dessler, Distribution Director of the Home Appliances and Electronics Division of MERLION.

In turn, Hyundai is confident that the situation with the coronavirus pandemic will not adversely affect the production processes and business of the corporation: “Our company remains strong in the face of this crisis. We strictly follow government regulations against COVID-19 to stop the spread of the virus in our country. I can confidently say that this unforeseen situation did not cause us any difficulties. Our new flexible work plans ensure that we are ready to respond to any situation around the clock. We are ready for further long-term cooperation and once again assure that there will be no setbacks for our business, ” said Kim Sung Soo, vice president of Hyundai Corporation Holdings.

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